GHOST Sea Otter Europe Enduro Riudarenes


Date: 4th of June of the 2017
Distance: 30 kms
Specials: 4
Height: 1250 mts
Location: Riudarenes (Girona)
Start: 7:30h (every 20 seconds)
Services: 4 refreshments liquid and 2 solids, mechanical assistance, medical assistance and showers.
Lunch for all participants

Limited to 600 bikers

· 30 € – Federated (with licence)
· 36 € – No federated
· From May, 1: Registration’s price increase 5€
· Will not allow any exchange rate in the registrations from the fourth previous day to the race

Saturday June 3, 2017
09:00h-20:00h Free Trainings
16:00h-20:00h Picking up bib number

Sunday June 4, 2017
7:30h Start (every 20 sec.)
14:00h Lunch and awards ceremony


NOTE: This is the 2016 track.
New 2017 track will be available on April, 2

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