• Accreditation procedure

    Get your accreditation by completing the relevant form(s) below. These forms will be available until September the 25th 2022 at 14.30h.

    Accreditation pick-up Schedule:
    Wednesday 21 Sep 22 8.30h – 18.30h
    Thursday 22 Sep 22 8.30h – 18.30h
    Friday 23 Sep 22 7.30h – 19.30h
    Saturday 24 Sep 22 7.30h – 19.30h
    Sunday 25 Sep 22 7.30h – 14.30h

People who will be on the stand during the festival, or for setup and take-down.

Companies subcontracted by exhibitors for logistical or setup/take-down reasons.

Media organisations.