To access the NORTH DEMOTRACK you must exit through the A5 door (bicycle with bib number + mandatory bracelet)
To access the EAST DEMOTRACK you must exit through the A3 door (bicycle with bib number + mandatory bracelet)



  • Standard  demotrack

Departure through the A5 door of the festival.
– Distance: 9km
Elevation gain: 200m
Estimated time: 50 min
Difficulty: low-midium

 km 0 to km 1 link section, where the traffic regulations and precaution must be respected and maximized until arriving at the beginning of the North demobike circuit. At this point a stop can be made to give guidelines and advice to the participants (testers).

After that, the route must be followed by a paved road where the participants (testers) can begin to have a direct and conscious contact with the possibilities and technical characteristics of the bicycle.

km 1 to km 2.7 is a paved road, and pleasant to ride in group. Then, there’s a point where you find a signage that leads to the left to enter a single-track section,

km 2.7 at km 8 combination of single track sections and other roads, without technical difficulty and great beauty, to enjoy the bike as well as nature.

km 8 to km 9 return and link stretch, where traffic regulations must be respected and caution must be maximized until you get to the festival again to clean the bike in the Bike Wash by PROGOLD AND STIHL and lubricate it in the Lube Station by PROGOLD.

  • Power demotrack

– Departure through the A5 door of the festival.
Distance: 1 km
Estimated time: 50 m

km 5.2 to km 6 (return) For participants (testers) who want to test the power of the electric bicycles motor, we have prepared a special stretch to test the technique and above all the force of the electric bicycle motor. This section will be duly signposted.


Unlike the north track, this one is marked so that it can be done without a guide or without the need to download the track. It is a section that close to the Sea Otter Europe area, with technical sections and a different perspective on the festival.