The latest launches of the german brand can be tested “in premiere” at one of the first european festivals to be held, from September 25 to 27

The prestigious german bicycle brand Canyon has checked how its online platform has maintained sales during the quarantine: “April and May are being record high in sales, and many of the 2020 models will be sold out soon.” declare the brand.

And it is that Canyon has not stopped machines, and in fact they explain to us: “Our website has not been closed or stopped any day, and our factory in Koblenz has not stopped sending bikes, components and equipment for a single day. »We have only had some delays due to problems in the production of some components due to the original crisis in China, but they have been corrected in time. »


Canyon presents its two e-bike models, which can be tested at the festival
The festival’s Canyon brand will also have its extensive fleet of bicycles, so that visitors can see all its advantages.

Of great expectation will be its two new models that will fascinate any cycling lover: the Neuron:on, with fully integrated battery and motor: to go further, faster and ride funnier; and the Spectral:on, ideal for riding on any trail, and even more agile and lighter.

The future of e-bikes is optimistic

Many professionals in the bike sector foresee that electric bicycles are currently the dominant trend in the European cycling market. It is one of the categories with the most potential in the bike sector.

According to the latest data published by the European Confederation of the Bicycle Industry (CONEBI), it assured that: “in view of the 2.5 million units sold last year 2019, the total size of the market in 2025 will be around 7 million ». Other experts estimate that the E-bike market will increase in Europe by 50%, to reach 10 million electric bikes in five years.

And is that the future of e-bikes is expected optimistic, since they have already placed electric bicycles on the second position in terms of future expectations in the technology market behind robots, 5G, smartphones, according to the study published last January: Discover the future, and led by Paul Lee, Global Head of Research for the technology, media and telecommunications industry at Deloitte.


The Canyon e-mtb Marathon brings you the ideal plan: endless trails on electric bike

And in case there is still a little adrenaline missing, Canyon e-mtb Marathon is ready on the Sea Otter Europe sports program. A sports event on e-mtb that will allow you to discover the fantastic trails in the Girona area. An adventure of 27 km, ideal to discover the « Singletrack territory ». An electrifying weekend!