The boom in cycling these days, augurs a festival of great interest amongst the cycling industry and the final consumer,


In Sea Otter Europe the activity has not stopped, the team has continued working for the festival scheduled for September, with the development of a 2020 format adapted to new circumstances and the new dates. After following the evolution of the pandemic, we have reached some interesting conclusions that have given us a breath of fresh air in the face of so much uncertainty.

We should not underestimate the impact that Covid-19 has had on the cycling, but there are some data that have already made it clear that this will be a Sea Otter Europe with added value: as a launch pad for 2021 products, to conduct all the “essential” bike test, and ultimately, to ease the direct contact between professionals and the final public.

And it is that cycling predicts an increase in popularity, and people are going to need to catch up on what’s new in the market.

The final purchase decision is made at Sea Otter Europe

It is evident the shock that the coronavirus pandemic has had in our bike sector, but it is also noticeable that the reopening and reactivation of commercial activity has brought an avalanche of future cyclists who are already starting to fix old bikes, and to find out about prices and models to buy a new one. Is the cycling base widening? Are we facing a moment of entry of “new future” cyclists?

Whether online or through specialized stores, there is something that every buyer needs to do before purchasing a product, and that is to be able to test the purchase, in order to have the necessary information to make the final decision.

In the case of bicycles, the fact of testing them is still “a must-do”, so once again the role of Sea Otter Europe is valued at this time. The “crush” between the bike and the buyer will take place at the festival, where the best cycling brands (which will be revealed shortly) will be bringing their fleet ready to be tested by visitors.

The demobike activity, which last year – in its 2019 edition – reached a total of 3,000 completed tests, among the 500 bicycles available for the activity.


We have Sea Otter Europe for years


The change of dates has brought Sea Otter Europe to September, a date that could make even more commercial sense than its usual date.

The CEO of Sea Otter Europe, Albert Balcells Padullés, declared at the beginning of the confinement: «Now the panorama will be different and the Sea Otter Europe can become an ideal place for the latest novelties of each brand for 2021. [.. .] It can even be a good scenario for brands to make presentations to their sales network and other professional activities. It will be a test of what Sea Otter Europe can offer at this new date, something that we probably could not have known under normal conditions. »


And therefore, despite this worldwide setback, Albert Balcells Padullés stated: “We have Sea Otter Europe for many years, and we want to continue working with this element of dynamisation of cycling”.

And he concluded “[Sea Otter Europe] must be a meeting point for the cycling industry so that they can reach the final consumer, […] where we can continue to support the cycling and bicycle touring industry for many editions, as how we have planned with Sea Otter Classic ”.