The 2nd Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona – Bike Show is nearly upon us and the choice of things to do and exhibitors to visit this year has grown enormously since last year. So much so, that the expo zone has been doubled in size. This clearly shows that cycling needed an international event of this scope, one that is open to the public and entirely active.

With only a few weeks to go before the event kicks off, we are highlighting 10 things for you to do at the Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona – Bike Show.

Discover the idyllic single-track routes

Girona is known worldwide for its important road cycling community. Hundreds of professional bikers spend a good part of their season in this city and surrounding areas. However, what many people don’t know is that it’s also a paradise for MTB. There is no mountain biker who won’t fall in love with the short and accessible climbs and downhills full of flow, with smooth tracks fully integrated in nature. These treasures are ready and waiting for you, and the perfect way to enjoy them is by taking part in the Marathon Cup by Scott & Taymory, which will take place on Saturday, 9 June. With two routes (47 or 67 kilometres) and two ways to take part (the more relaxed Open or the more competitive Pro), there really is no excuse for not being a part of this great event.

Try out an e-bike for the first time

They are the bikes of the moment. E-bikes are invading our tracks all over the world. They offer a way to be out longer, do more kilometres and stretch out your stamina without losing the sensations that come with genuine mountain biking. If you haven’t tried an e-bike yet, you simply cannot miss Sea Otter Europe. There will be more than 300 test bikes from various brands, most of them electric models. Furthermore, Ocisport has prepared a complete test circuit of pure MTB so you can reach your own conclusions about what it’s like to explore the mountain on one of these bicycles. Don’t blame us if you end up wanting one yourself!

Travel back in time with the classics race

A very special race has been included in the extensive line-up for Sea Otter Europe. A classic bike race will take place on Saturday afternoon, with models that are 25 years old or more. If you’re an old-school biker, this will be like returning to the infancy of our sport. If you’re someone who joined the sport recently, don’t miss this opportunity to see the bikes used in the early days, as well as the “clothes” people used to wear. This will be an event like no other, that’s for sure!

Take part in the grand cycle tour

The Sea Otter Europe International Cycle Tour forms part of the Gran Fondo World Tour (GFWT). It is the only event in Spain that forms part of this benchmark event in terms of cycle tours. There are a total of five different ways to take part and involves two days of riding: 160 kilometres on Saturday and 125 kilometres on Sunday. Both days will include timed sections if you want to put yourself to the test but, if not, you will be able to enjoy the best cycle tour atmosphere alongside hundreds of riders on roads where the best road racers on the planet train.

See all the latest from the sector

Over 300 brands will be represented in the enormous expo zone at Sea Otter Europe. They will include top brands for bicycles, accessories, tourist destinations, cyclist services… everything you could imagine and more. Many of the exhibitors will be presenting never-before-seen products and it is the only place where you’ll be able to see and touch the best bikes in each discipline. This alone is a great reason not to miss Sea Otter Europe.

Visit the city of Girona

Sea Otter Europe is held only a few metres from the historic city centre of Girona. This is a city full of history that has successfully maintained its heritage and made a name for itself among the top world-famous tourist destinations. Combine your visit to the event with a tourism tour to see such charming sights as the Cathedral of Saint Mary, the houses hanging over the river Onyar, the Old Quarter, the Church of Sant Feliu, the Cathedral Square… a plethora of options in surroundings used as locations for the filming of Game of Thrones.

The perfect place for a family trip

If you have children, Sea Otter Europe will be like visiting the best theme park. Not only are there events for children, such as the Mini DH Kids Cup on Saturday afternoon, but the various stands at the event will be giving away free gifts and Scott will even be organising a children’s mechanics course on Saturday morning.

Take your picture with stars from the sport

Given the huge size of Sea Otter Europe, many famous riders and celebrities will be here over the course of the three days. They will include such illustrious names in the history of MTB as Tinker Juarez and world-famous modern riders, such as the Spanish champion David Valero or the Olympic bronze-medallist Carlos Coloma. Sharing the asphalt with such triathletes as Nan Oliveras or other road cycling professionals is most definitely on the cards.

Take part in a unique gravel event

Gravel is becoming extremely popular. It might not be the category with the most riders but it is indeed a discipline with its own unique and different image. The Pirinexus 360 Challenge will take place at Sea Otter Europe, probably the most spectacular gravel event in Europe. This event will have two routes, one over 360 kilometres and another over 145 kilometres. Both are spectacular, capable of taking you from the Pyrenees to the Costa Brava to discover the incredible surroundings in this region. Most definitely a unique challenge.

Experience the best cross country on the planet

The Super Cup Massi will be coming to Sea Otter Europe. With a twisty circuit that lends itself to exciting races, this will be a unique opportunity to see the best XCO in the world for yourself. This UCI C1 category race will gather some of the best riders in the world. Victor Koretzky and Rebeca MacConnell are the leaders of a championship that provided some spectacular competition in the first two races and will hold its last in Vallnord (Andorra).