Now in its third edition, the Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona Bike Show has made its programme of competitions and MTB events the most intense and varied in the world, with the highest quality. Nowhere else will you find such a variety of competitions and different participation options, in addition to top UCI ranking. It doesn’t matter if you’re an XCO pro, a bike-marathon fanatic, an Eliminator dynamo, an MTB nostalgic or a fan of electric bicycles. In fact, whatever your bike or your tastes, the Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona Bike Show is for you.

The increase in category of the UCI tests that Sea Otter Europe plays host to have put the cycling celebration in a whole other league. The XCO Massi Super Cup event will be C1 category and a magnet for stars from all over the world. The Scott Marathon Cup will, without a doubt, be the most participative event in the MTB programme and this year it will fall under UCI Marathon Series category. You won’t find another event of this dimension combining an XCO event with a bike-marathon event. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the events that Sea Otter Europe 2019 has prepared.

The incredible and thrilling Eliminator competition will take place on the first of the festival’s three days with some of the best specialists on the planet. An event for the youngest riders to demonstrate what they are capable of and an extraordinary spectacle for onlookers.

Although the competitive part is just a good excuse to get involved, Sea Otter Europe’s classic bicycle race has become famous the world over. It’s a genuine museum on two wheels in which you can trace the history and evolution of our sport, and one of the events with the most character in the competition programme. If you’ve got a classic bike, you can’t miss it. Dust off your retro gear and put your very best classic finery on, as it’s time for the best international event for these types of sought-after and valued bicycles.

From the past to the future and back to the present. Electric bicycles have served to invigorate cycling like never before. However, e-bike events are few and far between, which is why Sea Otter Europe has created the Sea Otter Europe by Ghost E-bike marathon event. A perfect way to discover electric bike competitions and tours, and to be part of a group of users who, in a few year’s time, will be seen as pioneers.

And we of course couldn’t forget about gravel. The discipline that is all the rage in the cycling world is celebrated twice over in the Sea Otter Europe programme. On the one hand, with the exclusive Lazer Century Gravel Journey, limited to 100 participants. And on the other, with the Basso bikes Girona Gravel ride by Bioracer, open to everyone with a course that takes in a good part of the tracks that have made Girona a world-class location for the discipline.

Want to see a world championship? Well, you’ll be able to at Sea Otter Europe! Albeit a very unusual one… the Brompton Bicycle World Championship: an event as novel as it is remarkable. Just remember, Lycra is forbidden.

One fun discipline that is still relatively unknown by the public is MTB orientation, which combines two worlds to create a discipline in which mind and body are of equal importance. The Catalan MTB Orientation Championship will also be held as part of Sea Otter Europe.

Meanwhile, DH will even have its own slot at Sea Otter Europe, consisting of a Sprint-DH event for older folk and a Mini DH for the younger folk as part of the Mini DH Catalan Cup. However, the options for children attending the festival don’t stop there. The Children’s MTB Open will round off the range of events that make Sea Otter Europe a perfect place for entertaining the little ones.


Road cycling: another mainstay

If thin wheels are your thing, Sea Otter Europe welcomes you with open arms. You’ll have it all: fun and excitement in the form of a cycling tour, the Ciclobrava, which will traverse the roads that professional cyclists from all over the world have fallen in love with, persuading many to take up residence in Girona, in addition to a Criterium packed with ex-professional cyclists who will gather to pay a well-deserved tribute to former rider Alberto Losada. A great way to see the idols who we’ve followed closely on the television in action.

If you’ve got a bicycle, get ready for the great Sea Otter Europe 2019 festival.