Canyon will also be an official sponsor of the Marathon Cup mtb in Girona.

Canyon, the prestigious bike brand, is once again one of the main sponsors of the Girona Festival. In the Gold Sponsor category, Canyon reaffirms its support for this important international cycling event.

The festival’s great success in recent editions in terms of visitor numbers, brand presence and international media impact has led leading brands such as Canyon to continue supporting the festival with their presence in Girona, not only with a large stand to showcase their new products, but also, as in this case, through sponsorship.

Canyon has an innovative business model in the bike industry, operating exclusively online and direct-to-consumer. Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona by Continental offers Canyon the opportunity to further strengthen its relationship with the cycling community.

“Our goal is to be the most inspirational and innovative brand in the industry. At Sea Otter Europe we want to keep working on that ambition, showcasing our latest innovations, but also listening to our customers‘ feedback and learning about their needs, as well as continuing to build our community of fans”, explained Pablo Martinez, Market Manager at Canyon Iberia.

Canyon is a brand that pushes the boundaries and sets new engineering standards in cycling – from racing bikes to city bikes. Another innovative element is the launch of its APP, which signifies an evolution of its direct-to-consumer model.

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