May 2019

Ciclisme del més alt nivell a la Sea Otter Europe Girona Costa Brava

2019-05-27T07:55:13+02:0027/05/19|Events, General, Sportive Events|

<<Amb proves de nivell UCI i per tant, objectiu clar per a corredors de primer nivell mundial>> El festival de Sea Otter Europe Girona Costa Brava és una suma d'infinitat d'aspectes. Un d'ells té a veure amb les seves innombrables proves esportives. Algunes d'elles amb nivell UCI i per tant, objectiu clar per a corredors [...]

The brompton world championships come to sea otter europe for the first time in its history

2019-05-02T09:20:56+02:0002/05/19|Events, Newness, Sportive Events|

Registration opens on Thursday 2 May   On 1 June, Brompton, in collaboration with Sea Otter Europe, will present the Spanish event of the Brompton World Championship, taking place in the cycling haven of Girona. The race format will consist of 4 qualifying rounds and a grand final on 1 June in which the winners [...]

January 2019


2019-01-29T08:08:18+01:0029/01/19|Events, Sportive Events|

25-01-2019  The Sea Otter Europe CicloBrava will be held on 2 June 2019. Read on to find out why you should attend one of the leading cycle tours. Visit the Sea Otter Europe Festival Girona Costa Brava: The CicloBrava is part of Sea Otter Europe's extensive programme of activities. Therefore, it will start and finish [...]

November 2018


2018-11-30T10:07:02+01:0030/11/18|Events, Sportive Events|

Registration for La Brava will open on 4 December on Ticketoci. The festival programme kicks off with an event that will give all participants the chance to discover the very best of Girona's roads. A new and updated cycling event named after the region through which it passes with more comprehensive services, better routes and more [...]

June 2018

Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona becomes the epicentre of classic bikes

2018-06-15T11:10:28+02:0015/06/18|Activities, Events, Sportive Events|

The world of classic bicycles is very peculiar, filled with devoted and enthusiastic riders of models that contributed towards shaping the current identity of the mountain bike. If there is one thing that has completely changed in BTT, it’s the materials that are used, which turn looking at bicycles from the past into a journey [...]

May 2018

Super Cup Massi at Sea Otter Europe-Girona-Costa Brava on the way to become the major European XCO event

2018-05-11T08:38:01+02:0011/05/18|Events, International, Sportive Events|

11/05/2018 The Sea Otter Europe Girona Costa Brava is almost upon us for its second year. In such a very short time, it has already become a consolidated event and earned a strong reputation throughout Spain and worldwide. The space made available to exhibitors has been doubled in size this year and the number of [...]

Sea Otter Europe: The only place to see and try the best full suspension XC bikes on the planet

2018-05-09T11:00:56+02:0009/05/18|Activities, Demobike, Events, Exhibition|

The full suspension XC bicycle segment has been among the fastest growing in recent months. The proliferation of long-distance events and the changes made to cross-country circuits have converted these bikes into the perfect ride for most users. So much so that the current number of models available in the market is enormous. However, comparing [...]

April 2018

Classic bike race, a tribute to the history of MTB

2018-04-24T10:10:38+02:0024/04/18|Activities, Events, Sportive Events|

24/04/2018 The classics race was one of the great surprises last year. An MTB event with original bikes over 25 years old. Some big names from the early days of mountain biking made sure not to miss this great moment, which was highly exciting and very emotional for all the participants and spectators as they [...]