Girona has become a cycling paradise. It all began as an ideal place for road cycling, attracting dozens of professional riders thanks to its quiet roads and varied routes. Situated halfway between the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava it offers all kinds of terrain, from flat expanses to high mountain climbs and the small mountain passes that surround the city of Girona itself.

It’s been in recent years that the city of Girona has unveiled to the world its other cycling perks: its trails. An endless network of different types of roads, offering, above all, endless uninterrupted paths that slice through the city’s surrounding area and stretch throughout the province – a natural bike-park for XC and bike-marathon riders.

Choosing Girona as the location of Sea Otter Europe is no coincidence: its location is perfect as it combines the services offered by a city with its extraordinary location, which acts as a gateway to a universe of cycling enjoyment. The biggest beneficiary? The course of the Scott Marathon Cup, which takes place as part of the international fair and will once again be part of the UCI Marathon series.

The route is a perfect synthesis of everything Girona has to offer for mountain biking. Smooth, snaking paths where riders enjoy bend after bend amid the area’s lush leafy forests. An enormous variety of terrains ranging from the smoothest and softest soil that you can imagine to expanses with amazing large stone slabs. All this without any particularly long climbs, although by no means does that mean you’ll be taking it easy. In contrast, it’s a breakneck route with constant changes in rhythm.

The Rocacorba stream trail, the Puig d’Adri volcano descent and the Riudelleques path were just some of the places offering authentic MTB as part of the 2019 Sea Otter Europe bike-marathon event. In 2020, the route promises to offer never-ending trails yet again. But which ones will make the cut for 2020?

The final course is yet to be finalised, but you can rest assured that it will be a faithful reflection of the reputation that Girona and its surroundings have garnered in terms of MTB. What is certain is that the event will continue to offer various participation options, with the PROs out to get the best possible position in the rankings, and the OPENs enjoying themselves without the pressure of a timer. Competitive mode or fun mode, you decide, whilst Girona and Sea Otter Europe take care of the trails.

The opening date of registration will be announced shortly for one of the mountain bike races of the year, which takes place on a top weekend in the cycling paradise that is Sea Otter Europe Girona Costa Brava. Don’t miss it!