For the sixth consecutive year, Cetelem will sponsor this major event in the bike sector. The event will take place from 20th to 22nd September in Girona.

BNP Paribas Personal Finance, better known in Spain for its commercial brand Cetelem, continues its commitment to the bike sector by renewing its sponsorship of the Sea Otter Europe Festival. For the sixth consecutive year, the company will sponsor this event, which will take place from 22nd to 24th September in Girona and will attract brands, shops, distributors and end customers.

We are delighted to be a sponsor of this benchmark event for the bike sector once again. We have been collaborating for six consecutive years now and continue to demonstrate that Cetelem has established itself as a sustainable and responsible contributor of value to the cycling industry,…” said Alberto Sanz, Account Director and head of the cycling sector at BNP Paribas Personal Finance Spain.

The bike sector is a strategic commitment for Cetelem, aligned with the purpose of promoting access to a more responsible and sustainable consumption to support members and partners and thus contributing to facilitating sustainable mobility solutions. According to data from the Cetelem Observatory, more and more Spaniards are using bikes as a means of transport in their daily lives, with 23% stating that it is their preferred option for their journeys, an increase of seven points compared to the previous year.

Cetelem also collaborates with the main players in the sector that make the development of the industry possible: brands, associations and distributors; being present in more than 800 physical shops and e-commerce.

About Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona by Continental

Sea Otter Europe is a festival made for cycling enthusiasts and brands in the cycling industry. The event promotes social, sustainable and committed values and attracts not only brands, shops and distributors, but also the end consumer.

About BNP Paribas Personal Finance in España

Promoting access to more responsible and sustainable consumption to support our customers and partners.

BNP Paribas Personal Finance, known in the Spanish market for its commercial brand Cetelem, specialises in consumer credit, personal loans and card management. It has been operating in Spain since 1988, where it currently has more than 1,500 employees and 3.5 million customers. A financial partner of major consumer durables distribution companies and car dealerships, it is also a benchmark for market information and analysis thanks to the Cetelem Observatory study.

In the same line of support for partners and customers, Cetelem launched BaaS (Banking As A Service), extending its range of services to new financial solutions in the field of digital banking. Cetelem offers a comprehensive service as a banking institution, with asset and liability products – current accounts, debit cards, interest-bearing savings accounts and deposits – as well as 100% digital processes.

BNP Paribas Personal Finance is part of the International Financial Services area, within the retail banking area of BNP Paribas. BNP Paribas Personal Finance is an active member of the Spanish National Association of Credit Financial Institutions (ASNEF), the Association of Spanish Companies Against Fraud (AEECF) and the Association for the Development of the Customer Experience (DEC). For the tenth consecutive year, BNP Paribas Personal Finance has been awarded the “Top Employer Spain” certificate for 2024, accrediting the company as one that promotes optimal conditions for the personal and professional development of its employees.

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