Girona’s trails are gearing themselves up for bikers to experience the best Bike-Marathon of the year on 25 September. 

As part of the international Sea Otter Europe festival, forming part of the UCI Marathon Series, in a perfect mountain biking region, Girona’s Scott Marathon by Continental will be a delight for all participants.  

The routes are incomparable and unmistakable. All participants will be able to choose between two routes full of trails: 61 km and 1,500 m+ or 44 km and 900 m+. Both distances are available in PRO and OPEN format, meaning there’s room for all cyclists in Girona’s Scott Marathon by Continental. The most important thing, however, is to enjoy the mountain biking experience. 

Descargar tracks Scott Marathon


Starting and finishing at Fontajau pavilion, home of the Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona by Continental festival, both routes run through the Llémena valley. With three clear sections, the route starts with a stretch that will serve to spread the group out, followed by a spectacular second part – full of endless uphill and downhill trails – a section with dry singletracks – featuring stones, lots of flow, river crossings and much more – forest sections and, finally, a flat stretch leading to the finish line. 

Bikers will find smooth, winding trails where their bikes run freely bend after bend, immersed in the area’s lush forests, as well as a huge variety of terrain ranging from the smoothest, softest ground you can imagine to areas of broad, spectacular stone slabs. All of this with a profile that, while not giving you much chance to rest, does not include any particularly long climbs. Nevertheless, prepare yourself for a tough route, with constant changes of pace. 

The race is designed for bikers who want to challenge themselves and get a feel for the trails in the Land of Singletrack. 

An event not to be missed by any MTB fan, with the added bonus of being able to visit the international festival and experience a perfect weekend. 


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