The collaboration between E-Z UP and Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava-Girona gets underway for a period of four years

The American brand wants to increase it’s brand recognition in the European cycling market by supporting Europe’s leading bike event.

Michel van Oudheusden, Sales Manager E-Z UP Europe confirms that: “Our goal is to grow our brand awareness among the cycling brands. Being the global #1 supplier of easy up tent systems we simply need to be present at an event with so many of our type of products on scene. We can use the event to talk in person to many of our long-term customers in the cycling industry like Cannondale, Look and others. As SeaOtter’s Instant Shelter Partner we also want to start connections with other brands in the industry, having visited the event during the past editions I don’t see any better event for this than SeaOtter in Girona. Also, being well developed in countries/regions like Germany, Benelux, France and the UK, we’d love to strengthen our brand and presence in the Southern European countries.”



And explains us the brand strength of E-Z UP: “Our main strength is our product. After the invention of the foldable tent system by Mark Carter (our former CEO) in 1983 we’ve been developing the E-Z UP systems year after year.

With unrivalled frame warranty (7 years for our pro models), many patents, spare part service, local representatives, fast delivery times, award winning printing technology and a very supportive graphics team we’re convinced that we can be a perfect partner for every bicycle brand. For some of our key accounts we even developed an online branded webstore which makes all of their international representatives order online. Also our product range in tents (both foldable and inflatable), beachflags, banners, desk systems and many more event equipment makes us able to be the go-to address for every brands’ event needs. E-Z as 1-2-3.”

With over 30 years of history, E-Z UP is completely committed to quality, from its materials, craftsmanship and dedicated employees, which result in the best Instant Shelter products on the market. Quality control teams ensure that each shelter meets high standards of print and manufacturing quality. Thanks to the brand’s excellent work the company boasts years of longevity.

Continuous improvement is an essential aspect of the brand – something that is also close to Sea Otter Europe’s heart.

This is a partnership that we are sure will be strengthened in the coming years.

More info: ezup.eu