The line-up of sports and cycle-tourism events, together with the festival’s broad array of activities, will draw people interested in making purchases and discovering the latest developments

In the past few days, the hiring of exhibition booths for the Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava-Girona Bike Show, an event that targets end consumers and represents a clear business opportunity for the cycling industry, shops, brands, products and services, has picked up speed. The festival is scheduled to take place in Girona between 2 and 4 June 2017.

What makes this fair-festival unique is the successful formula of the Sea Otter Classic in the United States, hailed as one of the world’s most comprehensive cycling festivals. Aware of the distinct characteristics of the European public, the promoters of Sea Otter Europe have adapted their format yet succeeded in conserving the festival’s essence and objective: to provide brands a platform to raise their profile and interact with thousands of participants eager to try out bicycles in the test zone, take part in official competitions and cycle-tourism rides or spend time as a family and take advantage of the activities for kids.

According to the event’s director, Albert Balcells, in an interview published in CMD Sport, Sea Otter Europe is an outdoor festival with the advantage of having two venues (indoor and outdoor), an activities area and competitions in all disciplines for people of all skill levels and ages. It is a purely social event that celebrates the passion for cycling and offers an extensive line-up of sports and cycle-tourism events, in addition to the profusion of cycling-related activities that will draw people interested in making purchases and discovering the sector’s latest developments.

While this format provides brands a new way of connecting with customers, the festival also represents a high-profile European platform that will help them build their international brand.