Sea Otter Europe 2022 booking period kicks off

 The Sea Otter Europe team is already launching the booking period of the 2022 edition of the festival that will take place on 23, 24 and 25 September



Sea Otter Europe was the first cycling event of its kind to be held in 2021 in the wake of the pandemic. The organizers made a clear and decisive commitment to reunite the best brands in the industry with fans of cycling, demonstrating that together we could come back stronger than ever.

The popular response left no one indifferent, strengthening an event format that has shown that it still has room for growth – an indication of an excellent 2022 edition for brands that wants to exhibit at Sea Otter Europe this next edition.


Booking for spaces for the 2022 edition opens with the prospect of growth

Booking for brands that attended in 2021 and want to return under the same conditions opens on 30 November, while those that also attended but would like to make changes to their space in terms of size or location will be able to book a spot from 11 to 25 January 2022.

The last months of the year are a key date for brands, which are beginning to schedule their activities for 2022, gathering results and information that can help determine which events fall within their strategic plans.

Sea Otter Europe (23, 24 and 25 September) has become the place to be. Sixty per cent of the exhibitors from the 2021 edition have already requested to return under the same conditions and another 25% of those that attended in 2021 want to return with larger or modified spaces.


A new area for bicycle brands, more tourist destinations and a focus on sustainable mobility

The desire to expand and a need to accommodate many of the bike brands that could not attend the 2021 edition has led to the creation of a new area that will be home to the major bike brands, with two areas located at the festival’s two main entrances.

What’s more, the festival continues to highlight the importance of emerging brands related to IT, sustainable mobility, sports tourism destinations, bike brands and components and accessories brands. Each and every one will find a space for them at the festival, in order to continue working towards the growth of the sector.


Timetable and booking periods for brands to exhibit at Sea Otter Europe

    30 November to 21 December 2021
    11–25 January 2022
    1 February 2022


For more information about the 2022 edition, contact the Sea Otter team HERE, who will assist you and provide you with all the necessary information. And stay tuned for more 2022 news as it is announced.

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