New official technological sponsor of the great European cycling festival

The American multinational Garmin, worldwide renowned for its sports devices, together with Sea Otter Europe presented by Continental, join forces betting for cycling, by signing an agreement as technological sponsor of this great European cycling festival. “Garmin is always next to the athletes, collaborating with the most important sports events with the greatest number of participants, supporting and exchanging synergies with those events that actively contribute to the promotion of sport”, is explained by Garmin.

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Garmin and Sea Otter Europe presented by Continental understand cycling globally and therefore seek strategic alliances to strengthen it. In this edition, Garmin will carry out several actions and will exhibit the most interesting products for cycling enthusiasts, and outdoor and fitness activities. “All three market areas are powerful and drive our business with strength. Sports watches, outdoor devices, cyclocomputers and cycling accessories… Fitness and outdoor are two strong areas and are largely responsible for Garmin’s positive results over the years. Cycling is part of our fitness area, but it’s becoming an increasingly independent segment that’s growing stronger and where we’ve positioned ourselves as a benchmark brand”, is highlighted by Garmin.

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Edge cyclocomputers are Garmin’s flagship cycling product. “We have a wide range for any cyclist. The customer demands high-quality products with advanced functionality. They should be easy to install, use and replace, as well as offer great strength and durability”, Garmin outstands. “In cycling, the important thing is to get a product that offers the most reliable information possible”.


Acquisition of Tacx

Garmin recently acquired Tacx, which has a long and prestigious history in the roller and trainers’ segment. “Tacx has five decades of experience, has always been very committed to cycling and its love of the sport has always guided the company’s decision making”, says Garmin. “Tacx provides a segment of innovation, product and accessories that our users require and demand. Together we’re stronger and, above all, we offer more to our customers”, Garmin concludes.