This is Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona Week! An event that combines a globally benchmark cycling tradeshow with a competition line-up that attracts the best bikers. Three days of constant action with something to cater for all athletic levels, from the most explosive in the Eliminator to the long-distance bikers in the Sea Otter Europe International Cycle Tour over two consecutive days of competition. The XCO Super Cup Massi and the Marathon Cup by Scott & Taymory are the main events for mountain bikers, but by no means the only ones.

On Friday afternoon (17:00), a totally free exhibition event for tandems will open the weekend of competitions. The main event on Friday will be the spectacular Eliminator at 18:00 on the dual slalom track prepared for the occasion. This competition will gradually wean down the riders over the course of several elimination rounds until the fastest of them all is crowned victor. It will be the most intense race at Sea Otter Europe, that’s for sure.

Sea Otter Europe will be waking up at 06:13 on Saturday, 9 June, for the start of both versions of the Pirinexus. The Half version takes place over 145 kilometres while the Non-Stop challenge takes place over 360 kilometres of gravel track to discover all sorts of terrain, from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean.

This will be the big day for the Sea Otter Europe International Cycle Tour. The first of the two days making up this event and counting towards the Gran Fondo World Tour. Riders will have a route of 160 kilometres ahead of them for this first day, including a timed section over the iconic “Els Àngels” pass—one of the most popular climbs among the numerous professional cyclists that train in this area. Get ready, because you’ll be able to share the road with professional cyclists and elite athletes from other sports for a day of authentic cycling. The event will kick off at 09:30.

For the bikers, the main event on Saturday will be the Marathon Cup by Scott & Taymory. It is the third race of the championship and the penultimate of the series, and will most certainly have the highest level riders at the whole festival. An important international presence will be led by the teams of DMT Racing Team and Torpado Südtirol International. The biggest surprise will be to see what Sam Gaze is capable of (Specialised). One of the bikers of the moment, he doesn’t usually take part in events of this nature but has been training for a few weeks around Girona. Will he be able to beat the bike-marathon specialists?

Make sure you don’t miss the MTB Classic on Saturday afternoon (16:00). The Sea Otter Europe classics race promises to be the largest gathering of bicycles of this category anywhere in Europe. Girona is the perfect place to witness this colourful and entertaining event with an incredible atmosphere, for which riders with bikes over 25 years old will gather. Why not take a stroll around the expo, enjoy a snack from one of the festival food trucks, and then watch and discuss the MTB Classic with friends? A great biker plan.

The C1 category Super Cup Massi will begin on Saturday at 17:00 with the women’s race, giving them the attention they deserve thanks to a new commitment to this category from Ocisport, which used this format successfully at the Super Cup Massi in Banyoles. Some major changes have been made to the circuit to make it even more spectacular and selective. This will all take place right next to the expo itself. There is absolutely no excuse not to see these races with your own eyes.

A strong commitment has also been made to children’s events and there will be much to choose from on Saturday. A Mini DH Campionat de Catalunya in the afternoon (starting at 17:00), an XC Children’s Catalonia Cup race (at 12:00) and, above all, the Supercurses sponsored by Club Super3—the best way to enjoy sport with your family—will have a race at Sea Otter Europe.

Sunday: e-bikes, the cycle tour final and the final leg of the Super Cup Massi

The International Cycle Tour at Sea Otter Europe will have its second stage on Sunday over a route of 125 kilometres and two timed sections: the Les Serres and Coll del Nafre passes. This leg-breaking route will test the stamina of those who also competed in the race on Saturday.

It is somewhat obvious that e-bikes are experiencing enormous growth at the moment. So naturally, they have their own event at Sea Otter Europe. The E-MTB Marathon will take place on Sunday, starting at 09:30 for a non-competitive route of 47 kilometres. Pure enjoyment for bikers who have become hooked on these addictive bicycles.

With three staggered starts, the men’s Super Cup Massi races will also begin at 09:30. The main event for the day and the one closing this 2nd Sea Otter Europe will be at 13:00 for the elite and under-23 categories. The starting line will be full of excellent bikers who know what it’s like to stand on the podium at a World Cup. They will be joined by many newcomers. Will David Valero defend his victory in 2017? Will anyone be able to beat Sam Gaze? What will Olympic bronze-winner Carlos Coloma be capable of? How far will the young Jofre Cullell go? Will we see the best from Hugo Drechou? Will Vlad Dascalu be among the leaders after winning his first under-23 World Cup? These are just a few of the potential podium finishers. All this will take place on a track designed to enhance races fought right down to the final metres. A great end to the party for a spectacular competition line-up brought to you by Sea Otter Europe.

Take part in your favourite event or just come along and watch. But, whatever you do, don’t miss this Sea Otter Europe. Don’t hear about it from someone else, form part of an event that will be remembered forever. Sea Otter Europe looks forward to seeing you from Friday 8 June.