The Cycling No Limit Travel Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava-Girona Int. Cycle Tour by GHOST, which is due to take place in Girona on Sunday 4 June 2017, has established alliances with two major cycle touring events: La Purito and L’Ariégeoise, trials which share Sea Otter Europe’s passion for cycling and meticulously planned routes. These three paired events propose itineraries that combine physical exertion with the pleasure of safely pedalling down roads enveloped by breathtaking settings, which, in the case of Sea Otter Europe, correspond to Les Gavarres and the Costa Brava, with distances of 80 and 125 km. Two carefully designed routes created by the Sport Ter-Els Bandolers Cycling Club, for which participants can now register on
La Purito Andorra, on the other hand, is due to hold its third edition on 6 August and also features several different options that are ideal for participants of all levels. Consequently, the event offers a long (145 km), large (80 km) and short (28 km) route, all of which are set to start in Sant Julià de Lòria and finish in Els Cortals d’Encamp, and share one common premise: the beauty of Andorra’s roads and mountain landscapes. This event has been organised by Sprint Club Andorra.
A few days after the Sea Otter Europe Cycle Tour, the cycle sportive of the Pyrenees, L’Ariégeoise, will kick off in Tarascon (France). It will take place on 24 June in a town nestled between two Pyrenean valleys, in the French region of Midi-Pyrénées. Tour de France territory for a race that has over 20 years of history and features four different routes (170, 158, 107 and 73 km) to ensure that all fans of great cycling feats can enjoy legendary summits such as Plateau de Beille and Col de Port, alongside friends and fans of unadulterated cycling.
The alliance to those cycle touring events strengthens the ties between such alluring locations as the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees, Andorra and the French Pyrenees, and also promotes participation in a sport that for many is a way of life.