In 2019 the Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona Bike Show turns three; yet no one would guess in light of the impact it has had, and continues to have, on European cycling. In such a short period of time it has established itself as a leading fair, as well as creating a sports programme unrivalled across the world, with over 25 events covering all possible disciplines and all levels of participation: from children to the world’s sporting elite, and from amateurs to cycling professionals.

The action will get going on Friday with the customary Eliminator event, a face-to-face competition between four riders with various qualifying rounds and the festival’s most explosive format. Prepare yourself for pure adrenaline as part of a unique and spectacular competition with the discipline’s very best specialists.

E-bikes are the undisputed protagonists of the festival and nowhere else will you find so many events designed especially for them kicking off with a race on the XCO UCI circuit on Friday afternoon.

Saturday will be the most varied day of Sea Otter Europe. Gravel is gaining weight in the market and this is reflected in the festival, which this year will have two events in the discipline. The first, the very special Lazer Century Gravel Journey, will be limited to 100 cyclists who will traverse 100 km to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Lazer, as well as taking home a helmet to commemorate the exclusive event.

One of the biggest events of the festival in terms of numbers will be the Scott Marathon Cup, which will have UCI Marathon Series points for the first time. Hundreds of riders will take part on two different routes and with two participation options. Spectators will be able to see the best teams in the discipline – such as DMT Racing and Buff Scott – on the starting grid of this incredible long-distance spectacle. Meanwhile, the E-MTB Marathon by Ghost will see electric bicycles take to the track.

As for kids, they will be able to take part in the Children’s MTB Open. At midday, Brompton bikes will take part in their very own World Championship, designed especially for the popular city bikes. Another event not to be missed is the MTB Classic: the world’s largest gathering of classic and retro bikes – a museum on two wheels. DH will boast both the Mini DH and the DH Sprint, which will take place in the afternoon, not to mention the Catalan MTB Aligots Orienteering Championship, which appears for the first time in the racing programme.

Women will have their own races as part of the Super Cup Massi on Saturday afternoon with the great Pauline Ferrand-Prévot topping the bill having recovered from the injury she suffered at the beginning of the year. In terms of road cycling, Sea Otter Europe’s Criterium by Spot No Limit Travel will this year be in homage to Alberto Losada.

On Sunday morning, skinny-tyre bikes will descend on Girona and its spectacular roads for the Ciclobrava, a cycle tour that traverses the roads used by hundreds of professionals in their training. Gravel will celebrate its second event with the 75-km Basso bikes Girona Gravel Ride by Bioracer. The programme of events will be rounded off by the Mini Push Bikes World Cup at one of the weekend’s busiest times.

Throughout Sunday morning different Super Cup Massi races will take place, replete with XCO stars such as Sam Gaze, winner of the 2018 edition. The main event will kick off at 1 p.m.

The Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona Bike Show is getting ready for the best sports programme in its history to commence. So if you’ve got a bicycle, there’s an event just for you at the great European bicycle festival.

The third edition of the festival gets underway on Friday at 4 p.m.

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