Today marks the beginning of the registration period for the two major MTB events scheduled to take place during the Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava-Girona Bike Show: the SCOTT Marathon by Taymory, which features both a 46 and 64-kilometre route, and the Marathon BTT, which, with an 84-kilometre circuit, stand to be even more gruelling.

Both SCOTT Marathon categories and the Marathon BTT will start at 9:30 am from the Fontajau Pavilion in Girona. Participants will receive an official Sea Otter Europe t-shirt, refreshments during the race and a bag featuring an array of products at the finish.

As of today, anyone interested in taking part may register on the TicketOci website. Registrations for the SCOTT Marathon by Taymory here and for the Marathon BTT here.

For all levels and conditions

The Sea Otter Europe SCOTT Marathon features two routes: a 46km circuit for XCC competitors, with an elevation gain of 1,150 metres, and a 64km route with a net elevation change of 1,600 metres for XCM cyclists. The latter will earn participants points in the Marathon category of the Catalan Cup. This is the third of the four races that comprise this year’s SCOTT Marathon by Taymory.

The Sea Otter Europe Marathon BTT, on the other hand, offers racers a distance of 84 km and a net elevation change of almost 2,000 metres. All the routes have been designed by the Baix Ter/BTT Cingles de Llémena Cycling Club and traverse the singular trails of the Gironès province and Llémena Valley, home to spectacular scenery and climbs to legendary summits such as Sant Grau.

The festival is completed with different events as the Biking Point Girona International Catalan Cup, The Pirinexus 360 Challenge, Scott Marathon by Taymory, Trial Cup, Eliminator, Time Trial, BMX and Youth MTB Open, as well as an MTB Ride.