Girona’s trails are gearing up so that cyclists can enjoy the best Bike-Marathon event on 30 May.

The event is part of the Sea Otter Europe international festival, as well as the UCI Marathon Series, and take places in a perfect place for MTB. Participants are in for a treat at the Scott Marathon Cup in Girona and the countdown to take part in the event starts today, the opening day of registration.

Participants will be able to choose between two completely unrivalled and unique routes that are jam-packed with trails: 67 km and 1,550 m+ or 45 km and 750 m+. Both distances can be done in either the PRO or OPEN format, meaning there’s room for everyone at the Scott Marathon Cup in Girona. The most important thing is that participants enjoy the mountain bike experience.

The course consists of smooth, winding paths with a succession of bends right in the heart of the area’s lush forests. Participants will find a huge variety of terrains ranging from the smoothest and softest soil you can imagine to areas with impressive, large stone slabs. The course doesn’t include any particularly long climbs, but that doesn’t mean there’s room for respite, as the electrifying track boasts constant changes of rhythm.

An essential event for all mountain bike fans with the added bonus of being able to attend the international festival and enjoy a perfect weekend.