The Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona by Continental MTB Classic is here! The registrations for the MTB Classic are free and will be available from 27 July 2021

Mountain biking has evolved a great deal, in every respect, since its beginnings when Gary Fischer modified his road bike and adapted it for mountain biking back in California in the early 1970s. Registrations for the MTB Classic are free, everyone is invited to this crazy party!

Inscripcions MTB Clàssic Sea Otter Europe

MTB Clàssic Sea Otter Europe

There will be many people of a certain age who started mountain biking some time ago, perhaps in some cases having received their first bike as a birthday or Christmas present. Maybe they were smart enough to keep these relics in storage or in the garage, either because they use them regularly and with great pride, or because they are in perfect condition and have been dusted off to give them a new lease of life.

Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona by Continental is the most important festival on the continent where the latest innovations and technologies in the world of cycling are presented, but it is also a place to remember where we come from and where it all began. That’s why every year you can enjoy a non-competitive race among friends that’s all about having a great time and sharing experiences, taking photos and enjoying the gems that participants bring along.

Pre-1996 bicycles are eligible to participate in the event

The Sea Otter Europe MTB Classic will return in 2021 on Saturday 25 September in the afternoon, starting at 3.30 pm. You can register for free from 27 July at (places are very limited).

If you have a bike from before 1996, don’t think twice. Be sure to take part and enjoy yourself. But if you don’t, come along anyway to enjoy the bikes that represent the beginning of this sport. By covering very little ground, you’ll be able to travel from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s all the way to 2021: a true museum on two wheels. Some of the models will be on display in the indoor area of the festival.

MTB Clàssic Sea Otter Europe

MTB Clàssic Sea Otter Europe

Post-race bite in Girona city centre by Eat Sleep Cycle

New this year is a post-race ride through the city centre (30 min ride) with a final stop at Eat Sleep Cycle’s new Eat Sleep Cycle Café Restaurant. Louise Laker and Lee Comerford, owners of the café-restaurant, will have a snack and a cold drink waiting for all participants. The café-restaurant is designed for cyclists, serving top quality coffee and fresh, healthy, local food all day long.

You can also sign up for free when you register for the MTB Classic.

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