Exhibitors and cyclists gave a positive assessment of the global showcase into which the festival turned Girona and the Costa Brava over the past three days, which ended with the international-level MTB Catalan Cup

The first edition of the Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava-Girona Bike Show closed its doors today with a balance of 30,000 visitors, 350 brands and 4,130 cyclists among the festival’s numerous sporting events. Such high numbers shed light on the magnitude of the festival, which will announce the dates and location of next year’s edition shortly.

Over the course of the weekend, Sea Otter Europe turned Girona and the Costa Brava into a global cycling showcase; a city and region which have supported the festival and proved to be well prepared when it came to hosting such a large and complex event.

There was a huge turnout for all scheduled events; whether they were recreational activities for families or children or top-level competitions which gave spectators the chance to see both female and male world champions and elite athletes from all cycling disciplines in action.

This morning saw the running of the festival’s biggest race, the No Limit Travel International Cycling Tour by GHOST, which included over 1,500 cyclists and both an 80 and 130km route, both of which travelled up some of the region’s most emblematic mountain passes. The cycle tour proved one of Sea Otter Europe’s most popular events and epitomised the philosophy of the international festival, which offered cycling enthusiasts an extraordinary weekend replete with an extensive line-up of sporting events and an immense commercial area.

Also held this morning was the Llet Nostra Pedal Festival by GEiEG, which brought out over one hundred cyclists and fifty-odd adapted bicycles.

The festival’s last race was the final of the spectacular elite-category Biking Point International Catalan Cup. A multitude of spectators crowded around the track near the Fontajau Pavilion to watch David Valero edge out his rivals in this demanding cycling discipline. Valero is currently ranked second in the world in this category, which over the past few days has brought a host of world-class female and male riders to Girona.

Another event that took place this morning was the GHOST Enduro in Riudarenes, with spectacular downhill stretches and a carefully planned 30km track that astonished participants.

During the day, around 10,000 people once again filled the festival’s expo, activity and exhibitions areas and helped make the first edition of Sea Otter Europe, which drew around 30,000 visitors over three days, an immensely successfully event.

Expectations were also exceeded in terms of sales thanks to the economic activity generated during the three days the festival lasted. Also fully booked was the Bike Test zone, which provided visitors the opportunity to try out more than 300 bicycles on a track designed especially for the occasion.

And so the first edition of Sea Otter Europe came to an end, with a highly positive response and having accomplished the goal of reaching all audiences. Thousands of families paid the Fontajau Pavilion a visit

during the weekend to take part in the comprehensive line-up of activities and exhibitions and enjoy cycling in all its forms. The exhibitors, for their part, were highly impressed by the first Sea Otter Europe, which confirmed predictions that their presence in Girona would be a fantastic business opportunity and help promote their brand.

Girona and the surrounding area have also benefited from hosting the festival, given the rise in hotel occupancy and economic activity throughout the region. By holding events outside the area near the Fontajau Pavilion, the festival’s impact has spread to the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees, a prime cycle tourism destination and home to numerous companies which provide services to enthusiasts of this sport.