13th of december of 2018

The event will boast two events offering a unique spectacle with the participation of ‘Purito’, Pereiro, Heras, Vicioso and Edo, among many others, on an 800-metre long circuit.

The third edition of Sea Otter Europe already looked set to be a turning point in the bike world with the confirmation of renowned brands and the creation of La Brava, a cycle tour that won’t fail to make an impact. But the surprises show no sign of stopping and cycling fans have a jam-packed three days in store for them.

And if you thought that the Scott Marathon Cup and discovering all the new products in the Expo Zone was enough for the Saturday, that same day on 1 June in the afternoon a Criterium will take place in honour of Alberto Losada and his sporting career.

The Criterium will go down as one of the main events of the festival, due to the large number of big stars taking part in it. Accompanying the honouree, up to 30 cyclists will form the starting grid, with, among others, the likes of Tour de France and Vuelta a España winners, stage winners of Grand Vueltas, such as Joaquim ‘Purito’ Rodríguez, Óscar Pereiro, Roberto Heras, Ángel Vicioso, Àngel Edo, Egoi Martínez, Joan Horrach, Ibon Zugasti, and many others participating to pay tribute to Losada.

The Criterium will consist of two races: an initial point-scoring round in which cyclists will accumulate points depending on the position they are in when they pass the finish line on each lap, and a second elimination round in which one cyclist will be eliminated per lap until the podium is complete.

A magnificent show of speed, which looks set to be a genuine spectacle for all those attending Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava-Girona, who will get the opportunity to see their idols in action.

The event is yet more proof that Girona will be the epicentre of international cycling from 31 May to 2 June.