Discover how Demobike works and stay tuned for the reservation opening dates.

MTB, eMTB, enduro, dual suspension, gravel, road… Do you want to try out your future bike? Well, whatever it is, you’ll find it at Sea Otter Europe.

These days the choice of bicycle models on offer is endless, which makes it all the more difficult to decide which one suits each type of rider. That’s why the Sea Otter Europe cycling festival gives you the chance to check them out, compare them and test ride them all at once from 31 May to 2 June.

A fleet of more than 500 bicycles will be ready and waiting for cyclists and cycling enthusiasts, who will be able to get a feel for the features of their future bike. The selection of models on offer will be outstanding, with something for every pocket and every taste.

38 brands have so far confirmed participation, 11 of which are new to Sea Otter Europe. You’ll be able to test them out on circuits specifically designed for each type of bicycle, so that cyclists can make up their own minds about how the bicycle performs on solid ground.

Booking for Demobike will open shortly. Click on the following link and find out how to make an reservation and test ride all the bikes you want.