The festival is a key event in the commercial calendar of cycling brands

The festival (The Bike Show in Europe) and its surroundings (Girona – Costa Brava) attract participants from all over Europe who are eager to enjoy a weekend of cycling. The event boasts a full sports programme and an expo zone featuring the best brands in the world of cycling situated in a place known as a cycling paradise (with a warm climate, many bike-friendly restaurants and roads where professional cyclists from ProTour teams train) – a paradise for cyclists and therefore also for brands.

The brands are making their preparations so they don’t fail to make an impact at the festival in the presence of approximately 60,000 visitors, based on the number that registered in 2019 (source: Goufone), from 50 different countries. The brands’ objectives consist of activating their brand, finding new customers, carrying out direct sales, performing product tests, offering discounts and draws, and much more. And the ways in which all this can be achieved are endless.

Planning the festival is like a creative puzzle, which stimulates the organisers further, in light of the new ways that brands connect with visitors and create experiences. Hence, the slogan The Bike Show in Europe not only gives credit to the organisers, but, in many ways, it’s the exhibitors who achieve this magic, employing tons of creativity for one goal: to create customer experiences and sell.


Any brand whose target audience are CYCLISTS cannot miss Sea Otter Europe

The list of the different types of brands in attendance at the festival, which boasts an expo zone spanning over 20,000 m2, is extensive: bike brands (mountain bikes, road bikes, e-bikes, gravel bikes, trekking bikes, BMX bikes, enduro bikes, downhill bikes, folding bikes, children’s bikes, city bikes, etc.); clothing and equipment (winter jackets, thermal clothing, shorts, jerseys, windproof and waterproof clothing, reflective clothing, gloves, socks, etc.); cycling accessories (helmets, trainers, glasses, caps, neck warmers, arm and leg warmers, overshoes, sports masks and sanitisers, etc.); bike accessories (GPS and cycle computers, turbo trainers, bike racks, lights, mudguards, covers, hydration backpacks, bottles and bottle holders, bike pumps, pannier bags and saddle bags, pannier racks and baskets, locks, baby seats, mobile phone holders, kickstands, bells, stabilisers and kids bike accessories, action cameras, etc.); bike parts (wheels and rims, tyres and inner tubes, puncture repair, chains, pedals, brakes, bike stems, bike forks, suspensions and shock absorbers, handlebars, saddles, seat posts, spare parts for electric bikes and frames, etc.); bike maintenance (workstands, tools, cleaning products and lubricants, stickers, etc.).

Brands from outside the sector that are committed to providing services linked to cycling or bikes will also be in attendance, such as: cycling tourism (cycling travel agencies, cycling tourist destinations, cycling sporting events, organisers of sporting events, etc.); services for cyclists (cycling-themed restaurants, shops, hotels, or those adapted to the needs of cycling customers, etc.), and finally, bike services (insurance, financing, etc.), among many others.


SEA OTTER EUROPE 2021 TEASER – We will be back in September 2021!

Sea Otter Europe is pretty much a must-do event for cycling brands

Since December 8, 2020, the organisers have been working together with the confirmed brands to find places for them on the site. To date, 45 % of the commercial area has been snapped up, with a total of 85 confirmed brands.  

What’s more, the organisers are in the process of attracting new brands interested in participating in the event and are receiving a high number of requests to find out more about the festival (prices, areas and specifications).

Said brands will be able to reserve a place from 9 February, 2021, through the new MapDynamics platform available on the event website. 

In the wake of a difficult year, brands will have to decide more than ever which events and festivals to attend, and Sea Otter Europe is a safe bet. By booking a place, brands can secure a physical space at the festival and have the opportunity to come into contact with over 60,000 visitors from 50 different countries (and four continents) and 6,500 participants in the sporting events, as well as getting media coverage thanks to the 150 journalists who come to the event. A festival that gets better and better after each edition returns in 2021 stronger than ever!