Miranda E-bike XCO, the first e-bike competition, charges into Sea Otter Europe

Miranda and Sea Otter Europe have aligned to strengthen all things e-bikes

E-bikes’ meteoric rise in the last few years came as no surprise to Miranda, which has been supplying e-bike manufacturers with durable machined and forged aluminium cranks, chainrings, and chainguards since the early days of e-bikes. Miranda has kept up with the rapidly evolving trend by working with both motor manufacturers and Miranda’s longtime bike partners to design e-bike components that meet the rugged demands of e-biking, as well as maintain each brand’s aesthetics.

Last year Miranda introduced its first sponsored e-bike racer, Emanuel Pombo, to bring attention to Miranda’s extensive experience in crafting components for e-bikes. This year the Miranda Factory Team is the first super team to combine downhill, enduro, cross-country, and e-bike racing all in the same team.

Recent radical changes to mobility have super-charged the demand for e-bikes, and this explosive growth shows no signs of slowing down. Miranda already plays a large part in sustainable mobility by supplying cranks and chainrings for a wide range of bicycles, what’s next is to forge new leadership in crafting components for e-bikes.


The Miranda E-bike XCO will open registration on September 1, 2020

The Miranda E-bike XCO is the festival’s new e-XCO competition and it’s here to stay. Both the festival and its official bike parts sponsor, Miranda, know about the importance of the e-bike trend, which is boosting sales season after season.

The most popular e-bike, nowadays, might be the mountain bike. It is where e-bikes perform all the fantastic attributes they have to offer, like cruising long distances with less effort and reaching spots that might be difficult with a conventional bike because the user might not be physically prepared.

But what do e-bikes have to offer in an XCO scene? It’s a completely new challenge, requiring a different mindset and skills. Battery level is always the main concern for all e-bikers, now add in racing and it’s all about strategy and controlling efforts for the best possible outcome (winning!) The Miranda E-bike XCO invites all of Sea Otter’s e-bike aficionados to showcase their competitive drive and their e-bike talents.

All the technical aspects you need to know

The Miranda E-bike XCO will take place on Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 12:00h. The race will be held on a 3.3km XCO track and will last 40 minutes. The start will be in the festival’s zone D, where all mountain bike-related events will start and finish.

Registration will open on September 1. Entry will be 20,00€ + 3,00€ for insurance (non-licensed racers).

Registration includes the right to participate, race number, and an exclusive Sea Otter Europe t-shirt. There will be trophies for both the men’s and women’s categories. An e-bike is compulsory; all participants must be over 18.

See you at Sea Otter Europe! If you have a competitive spirit, don’t wait to register!