Sea Otter Europe with the Guttmann Institute

Even despite the situation and the difficulties, Sea Otter Europe continues to work on the 4th edition of the festival. In this sense, a few days ago the Sea Otter Play initiative was presented, a virtual event format of all Sea Otter headquarters in the world (USA, Canada, Australia and Europe), which, in the case of the edition for Europe, comes to complement the face-to-face option to be held in Girona at the end of this month of September.

Sea Otter Play is a virtual event model, very new and original that arose given the situation that the coronavirus has caused throughout this year in the world and that has forced the cancellation of the different Sea Otter events, except the one in Europe that still valid.

Options to participate at Sea Otter Play

This new option offers several possibilities. You have to access to the website of and to register. The website offers different options to participate:

  • Virtual visit to the event, the user will be able to “circulate” virtually through the event, visiting the brands and interacting with them


  • Challenge, You can choose any or several of the 7 events that the different editions of Sea Otter around the world have proposed, sign up and hold the event “virtually” from home using your mobile. Then upload the track on the same website in the corresponding section. Each event in which you participate offers points that can later be exchanged for prizes from different brands during the Sea Otter Play Festival.
  • Sea Otter Play also wants to be supportive and also offers several options for this. When registration is made in one or more of the events, at the same time will may be provided, if desired, to any of the charitable institutions on the list offered on the same website.

Collaboration with Guttmann Institut

In the case of Sea Otter Europe, in addition to this optional possibility that participants can make their contributions voluntarily to any of the charities on the list, the organization has agreed to contribute a percentage of the registrations of La Ciclobrava event from Sea Otter Europe to the Guttmann Institut, a prestigious international institution dedicated to the comprehensive rehabilitation of people affected by spinal cord injury, brain damage or any other neurological disability and to help in the social reintegration of these affected people.

Any cycling practitioner may one day need to receive help from this institution, so any support that we can all give to this non-profit foundation may one day benefit all of us.

Promotional code

In addition, in order to encourage participation in this new format as much as possible, the organization offers a promotional code of 15% discount in the different events to which you wish to participate, at the time of registration the system asks If you have a promotional code, in this case the code to enter would be SOPEUR15 and it is only valid until September 16.


More information and registrations: