Sea Otter Europe has reached an agreement with Imparables under which the upcoming 2020 edition will host the first international bike mechanics championship, as well as a film festival for bike lovers.

The fourth edition of the Sea Otter Europe cycling festival, which will be held in Girona from 29 to 31 May 2020, is gradually unveiling some new features for this year. This spectacular cycling event, which brings together exhibitions, activities, meetings between professionals and sporting events, is now joined by two new events created by the agency Zoopa, creator of the Imparables challenge: the first international bike mechanics championship, Mecacicletos, and the world’s first film competition revolving around cycling, the Pedal Film Festival.

Carlos Ortet, creator of Imparables and a racer who has been present at all the Imparables challenges since its creation seven years ago, and Albert Balcells, president of Sea Otter, have signed the agreement to launch both recreational events for cycling enthusiasts of all ages within the framework of the festival. For Ortet, this is a “unique opportunity to combine sport and entertainment in the same space and give the festival a new fun and family feeling, something that has given Sea Otter fantastic worldwide success”. Albert Balcells has highlighted the fact that “Sea Otter is the most renowned festival in the world and this is due to its focus on all audiences. Imparables has always shown the more playful side and social value of cycling and that inclusive aspect is a concrete, common pillar with our festival”.


Experts in diagnosing bikes, changing chains, fixing punctures in record time or dismantling and reassembling shocks without making mistakes are in luck. Mechanics are cult-like figures among bike lovers and are a key part of professional teams and amateur shops. At Sea Otter, they’ll have their moment of glory thanks to the first bike mechanics championship.

It is the most unique, funny and wild event that has ever taken place in Spain. The most skilled bike mechanics will be able to test all their knowledge before a large audience. Awards will be given to both the fastest and the most creative mechanics, as well those who best meet cyclists’ needs or are the biggest experts.

Interested mechanics can sign up on the Imparables website:


Encouraged by the success of the BFF -Bicycle Film Festival- (20th anniversary in New York) and the Cycling International Film Festival (since 2006 in Germany), SEA OTTER has been working hard to craft its first film event. The festival, which was spontaneously initiated as a daily closing activity within the Cycling Festival, aims to become a meeting point for film and cycling lovers in a city that is capital of both: culture and cycling.

The organisation is working to select productions from various countries that will be part of this edition. The awards are chosen by an international jury that is also in charge of selecting the productions. The event will offer everything from documentaries to animated films to YouTube videos or videoblogs and TV programs.

The common denominator for participants is the prominence of bicycles and cycling culture. Awards will be given to the best film, best director, best videoblog, best film made entirely by a single creator (one-man show film) and best film with a social purpose, among others.