The virtual event is a great complement for Sea Otter Europe which is taking place in Girona – Costa Brava on the 25-26-27 September 2020, for its fourth edition.

Sea Otter Play is born for the need to have a virtual event to connect all Sea Otter communities around the world. It is a great chance to bring all cycling lovers from the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe together to this virtual experience with the essence of an outdoor bike show event lived through pixels. 

There are great advantages concerning online: no time restrictions, no distance boundaries, and the chance to travel abroad form your living room, apart from all advantages concerning the containment of Covid-19 spread they guarantee. 

But it is also believed that the real experience is truly irreplaceable. The online and offline realities are bringing great synergies that are still to be discovered. We are ready to find out what Sea Otter Play, the worldwide virtual event; and Sea Otter Europe, the bike show in Europe have to offer.

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The organizers of the Sea Otter Classic are pleased to announce the creation of Sea Otter Play presented by Continental. This inaugural virtual event will unite all of Sea Otter’s global celebrations and connect passionate cyclists around the world with the best brands in cycling. 



“The Sea Otter Classic brings the entire cycling industry together with our family of enthusiasts. In these challenging times, we wanted to provide something that will ensure our audience can celebrate bikes, add to their training programs, and stay connected,” Frank Yohannan, President and CEO.

What is Sea Otter Play?

Sea Otter Play is an immersive online experience that will feature over 350 of the most innovative cycling companies in a groundbreaking digital festival. The event will include cycling challenges, kid’s activities and an interactive expo and marketplace free to the consumer. Incentive-based games will encourage attendees to interact with their favorite brands and compete for amazing prizes. Sea Otter Play celebrates the best of the Sea Otter Classic brands – Sea Otter Classic USA, Sea Otter Europe, Sea Otter Canada, and Sea Otter Australia.


How do the Challenges work?

Cycling Challenges can be completed on the road or trail, or virtually on your trainer. There are multiple Challenges to select from, including a category for kids! Participants can choose from iconic courses that replicate the stunning coast of Big Sur, the flowing hills of Australia’s south coast, the historic trails of Costa Brava Spain, or the vast forests of eastern Canada. All Challenge participants will receive a virtual swag bag full of terrific merchandise and deals from our sponsors and supporters.


When is Sea Otter Play?

Registration for the Sea Otter Play Cycling Challenges will open on August 14, 2020. The Challenges will kick off on September 1st and run through September 20th


The Sea Otter Play Festival will be held September 17-20, 2020. The Festival is free to attend and filled with opportunities to engage with your favorite cycling brands in real-time, catch an exclusive film premiere, play games and win great new gear.


Sea Otter Play is About Giving Back

Best of all, Sea Otter Play will support non-profit organizations working on the front lines to provide essential community health support during these difficult economic times. Our goal is to raise funds for charitable organizations around the globe.


How do I join the fun?

Register to ride, make a donation or learn more about the Festival by heading to


“We’re thrilled to see what new opportunities Sea Otter Play will bring. This will be Bosch eBike Systems’ seventh year participating in Sea Otter events. We’re looking forward to the fresh product innovations and fun-filled ride challenges.” Claudia Wasko, Vice President and General Manager of Bosch eBike Systems Americas.