95% of the brands that took part in the inaugural edition of the great cycling festival in Europe have decided to repeat, while some of the world’s biggest cyclist companies have already secured their space

Though there are still more than seven months before the start of the second edition of the Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava-Girona Bike Show, the speed at which the commercial and exhibition space is being leased continues to increase, with festival organisers announcing that over 70% the 40,000 m2 of available space, twice that of last year, in which 350 brands took part, has already been allocated.

Due to the cycling industry’s high demand for space, particularly among international brands which deploy large stands and require a sizeable amount of floor area, a “no vacancy” sign has been hung on three of the four outdoor exhibition zones, A, B and C. The stands available in other locations are also going quickly, both outside and inside Girona’s Fontajau Pavilion. One of this year’s new features is Zone D, located close to the river, which, in the second edition of the festival, will also host stands, a large exhibition tent and an area for food trucks. This large area will continue to host part of the cross country tracks and the children’s games areas.

An innovative format

The high demand for space from some of Europe’s and the world’s top brands confirms the good results achieved by exhibitors in the festival’s inaugural edition, during which Girona and the Costa Brava became a global showcase specialising

in cycling and over 30,000 visitors filled the festival’s commercial and activities areas. 95% of those who attended have already confirmed their presence in the 2018 edition, satisfied with a cycling festival format rarely seen in Europe. They are drawn by the scheduled line-up of top-level sporting activities, popular and family events, spectacular exhibitions, recreational zones and eating areas, a combination that places brands in direct contact with customers; a festival with a 100% cycling spirit, intimate and highly enjoyable.

New activities and more sporting events

In the next few days, Sea Otter Europe will release its schedule of activities, exhibitions and sporting events, a line-up that has been further expanded thanks to the success of the festival’s first edition, in which 4,130 cyclists took part in 11 sporting events ranging from popular and family events, classic bikes and cycle tourism to some of the most important competitions on the international circuit.