72% of the fleet of demobike bikes in the 2019 edition were ebike

The demobike clears up the doubts of the users, who have a lot of information online, given the promotion of the different brands, but they haven’t had yet the opportunity to experience a direct contact with the bicycle. This is why, on some occasions, the final decision will be made once the bicycle is tried, and there’s no better environment than at the Sea Otter Europe festival. And that is why, from the point of view of the brands, being or not in the Demobike program can mean selling or not a bicycle.

In addition, with the trend of online sales, where more and more brands are betting on it, the demobike acquires the function – beyond the test, and as an anecdote – of “humanizing” a company focused on the internet, as stated in the last edition, a member of the Canyon team: “Many times it happens to us that many clients with whom we have dealt online come to meet the person who has assisted them.”

And is that Girona has a unique environment to play this role, with quality tracks to test bicycles in a real-life environment, either mountain bikes, gravel bikes, e-bikes or road bikes. Circuits designed by the same team that organizes the UCI MTB World Cup in Andorra Vallnord. Prepared to offer high-quality trails and carefully thought for the user profile that visits us. And best of all, just 500m from the festival!


E-bikes will play the main role of the demobike

E-bikes continue to be in the front row and will represent a large part of Sea Otter Europe’s total demobike fleet. In fact, in 2019, 72% of the fleet of demobike bicycles of the total of 40 brands were electric. And, it is easy to foresee that in the next editions said percentage will rise.

Actually, according to the Deloitte study ‘Discover the future’ explains that the bicycle and especially the electric ones can play a leading role in a transition towards improving health levels, both individually and socially.

So important are electric bikes at Sea Otter Europe that, since 2019, they already have their own circuit: the Haibike E-bike loop. An opportunity to test the models of the best brands in the market, with a track characteristic’s more suitable for all publics.


Knowing that e-bikes are here to stay, the festival has expanded its sports calendar around this type of bike: the already scheduled Canyon E-mtb marathon, an e-bike adventure of 27.5km (registrations opened) and the Miranda E-bike XCO, an e-bike XCO bike competition, where battery optimization strategy is key in this competition. Quite an electric show!


Sea Otter Europe Demobike on the rise

The increase in tests carried out in 2019, compared to the previous editions of the festival, highlights that this is an important and strategic action for the brands. Every time, the bicycle fleets are bigger and more diverse, offering a complete and free service to all users who want to clear up their doubts.

The first list of brands that have already confirmed their presence on the Sea Otter Europe 2020 demobike will be announced soon.