The Trailforks app comes to Europe by way of Girona’s international cycling festival.

Trailforks is a trail management system for riders, builders and associations. It aims to provide the very best tools to inventory, maintain, promote and showcase trail networks. Tools such as statistics empower each group to have accessible data to show local city councils, governments, tourism boards and parks, conveying the popularity and potential economic impact of cycling on their area in order to receive further support to grow trail networks.

Trailforks is not just any trail mapping website, it’s a user-contributed database that puts the control into the hands of the people who have worked so hard to preserve and maintain the trails we love. Trailforks’ mission is to provide a direct funding model to put 100% of the money back into the association and builders. Users can directly support the people that are swinging the hammers and digging the dirt to maintain and preserve the trails we all love to ride.

“We are very happy and excited to bring Trailforks to the cycling industry. Our mission is to provide tools to allow the world to manage and build more and better trails, and for the rider to provide the ultimate experience in discovery and navigation to ride more bikes, more often”, said Radek Burkat, Pinkbike founder and Trailforks product manager.

One of the objectives of Sea Otter Europe Girona Costa Brava, and now also Trailforks, is to promote cycling and for everyone to be able to practice it in the simplest possible way.

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