Each MTB competition has its own identity, traits that define its character and demonstrate what it has to offer participants. In Girona, and at Sea Otter Europe, the biggest draw is clear to see: trails and fun. The Marathon Cup race is the best way to discover everything that has made the province of Girona one of the best singletrack destinations on the planet. 


The racing track is no walk in the park, but nor is it an exceptional challenge. Thanks to the different participation formats on offer, each participant can ride according to the form they’re in: from battling it out with the best riders on the planet to completing the course without any pressure from the clock.  


However, what all the riders who take part will experience is fun. After the first few kilometres, in which the group will get stretched out, the track will become a maze of trails that will satisfy all tastes. Based on the route launched in 2019, the first half will be a constant climb up to the top of La Barroca mountain, the highest point of the event, from where it will be plain sailing down to the finish line. 


What will you encounter along the way you ask? The common denominator is the trails, which don’t present any extreme difficulty, but are highly varied. The first quarter of the course will alternate between narrow paths and fast tracks, right before coming up against one of the event’s biggest tests, the first tough climb, on a track that will put the strength and skill of each and every one to the test. However, the biggest climb, across 4.5 km and a 9% grade on average, will come shortly after: an ascending trail with sections of rock slabs, which will be the gateway to the best trail of the day. The longest descent of the event takes place in one of the areas most appreciated by riders in Girona and will no doubt be remembered by one and all. In total there will be almost 10 km of downhill, four of them along a trail inside a closed forest that will certainly leave its mark.  


From there the route takes on a totally different character: welcome to the flow. With consistently favourable terrain, the way back to the finish line will be a never-ending series of smooth and fast trails replete with bends, where you can have fun at any speed. A genuine bike adventure park for the bike marathon. The last few kilometres, riding parallel to the river Ter, will be as entertaining as can be and the perfect end to the event. 


UCI Marathon Series is geared towards the most competitive, while the OPEN category is for those who don’t want to deal with the burden of qualification – two distance options as part of the excellently organised Sea Otter Europe. An event through which you can discover one of the most popular cycling destinations in the world.