Whether you’re a veteran, a mountain biking nostalgic, or you’re just after a bit of fun, this delightful annual event, in which fans of mountain biking relive the good old days, is for you. If you have a pre-1995 bike – or if you can get someone to lend you one for the occasion – this is your opportunity. Be sure to come wearing your finest classic attire and don’t miss this vintage event.

Brake pads, no damping – or very little at least – narrow handlebars, large chainsets, a reliance on titanium… These are just some of the special features of the bicycles that will participate in the Sea Otter Europe Classic MTB.

At the event there will be no timers, no prizes, no podiums, no UCI points, and not even much physical preparation or fitness, just a good old time spent with other classic mountain biking fans, sharing anecdotes about your prized possession, taking pictures with fellow participants (and the bike of course) and having fun in a very special ‘race’, which always ends with a final group photo.

Whether you’re participating or not, don’t miss it

If you have a pre-1995 bicycle, don’t hang about, just get involved and have a great time. However, those who sadly don’t, can still come along and check out the bicycles that helped usher in this beautiful sport: a real museum on two wheels. Witnessing this spectacle is even more special due to the fact it takes place at a festival where you can admire and learn first-hand about the latest technological advances and the newest products to be launched around the globe by leading brands in the sector. In just a few steps you’ll be able to travel from the nineties to 2019 or 2020.

The event takes place on Saturday 1 June at 3.30 p.m. and registration will open soon at TicketOci (places are limited).