Are you coming to Sea Otter Europe presented by Continental and want to know which covers to choose? Now we give you a series of recommendations based on the event in which you participate, take note!



Continental CicloBrava

The cycling cyclotourist goes on roads with good asphalt and good weather and temperatures are expected. We recommend a rolling tire, with little tread or Slick, from the 25 mm balloon, and with a casing that has some reinforcement to protect us from punctures. Currently the 28mm tires have a great balance between friction, absorption and adhesion, even more so if they are Tubeless. Dare to try them!



Scott Marathon Cup

A tour of the Mediterranean forest with a lot of trails and without great unevenness. Firm terrain and without many stones, which is not demanding for tires, so if you want to roll fast, opt for a tire with low and close studs, a balloon of at least 2.20 ”and a moderately reinforced casing. If you want to gain versatility, fun and/or safety, choose a more voluminous tire (up to 2.30 ”), and/or a more prominent pattern, at least on the front wheel. Use Tubeless system.



Etixx Girona Gravel Ride

A fast route, without big unevenness, that alternates tracks and secondary roads. Choose a very rolling tire of at least 40mm balloon, with some lateral tread to take corners with confidence, and without excessive puncture protection. Opt for a Tubeless system to minimize the risk of punctures and to have a better grip and comfort.




Canyon Pirinexus Challenge

The ultra-deep Gravel test will take you to spend many hours pedaling, from dawn to dusk, so choose a versatile, reliable and resistant tire. Choose a reinforced Tubeless version.




Canyon e-MTB Marathon

On a typically Mediterranean terrain, with trails and without large slopes or stones that punish the tires extraordinarily, choose a specific version for an electric bike. A Tubeless tire, very bulky and reinforced.