The collaboration between E-Z UP and Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava-Girona, which began last year, will continue in 2023.

The American Instant Shelter design and manufacturing brand wants to strengthen its brand positioning in the European cycling market by supporting Girona’s leading international festival.

The manufacturer of instant shelters and related accessories specialises in items that are portable and custom printed graphics, providing customers with quick and easy-to-assemble solutions for events.

2023 is the second edition, where E-Z UP will be present at Sea Otter Europe as a sponsor and exhibitor. Michel Van Oudheusden, Sales Manager of E-Z UP Europe, tells us about his first experience in 2022: “Last year was exciting, and our expectations were high. The results were even better than expected. We had good conversations with Shimano, Fox Head and Cannondale. Finally, based on the results, we decided to translate our website into Spanish to serve the Spanish market better. In addition to the translation, we’ll provide a specific Sea Otter webpage, including E-Z UP products with a special discount”.


“Our goal is to increase brand awareness among cycling brands. As the world’s number 1 supplier of easy-to-install tent systems, we must be present at an event with many of our product types on display. We can take the opportunity that this event brings to speak in person with many of our long-term customers but also potential customers in the cycling industry. As an Instant Shelter Partner of Sea Otter, we also want to create connections with other brands in the industry. Having visited the event during the recent editions, I see no better event for this than Sea Otter in Girona.”

And he explains the strengths of E-Z UP as a brand: “Our main strength is our product. Since the invention of the folding tent system by Mark Carter (our former managing director) in 1983, we have been developing the E-Z UP systems year after year”.

“With an unmatched frame warranty of 7 years for our professional models, many patents, spare parts service, local representatives, fast delivery times, award-winning printing technology and a very supportive graphics team, we are convinced we can be a perfect partner for every bike brand. For some of our key accounts, we even developed a branded online web store that allows all their international representatives to place orders online. We recently introduced a new product range called “AERO,”  which is about inflatable products. This extension aligns with current developments in the events industry, especially in the cycling environment. In addition, the “AERO” product line fits within the goal of innovation within E-Z UP and aligns with the versatile range of products. We have a complete range, including more than the inflatables, such as flags, chairs and more. With over 30 years of history, E-Z UP is fully committed to the quality of its products, from its materials to the manufacturing process carried out by its employees, who are fully committed to continually striving for excellence, resulting in the best Instant Shelter products on the market. Quality control teams ensure that each part meets high-quality standards in printing and manufacturing.

Continuous improvement and evolution are essential aspects of the brand, which is also in line with the spirit of Sea Otter Europe.

We are confident that the partnership between E-Z UP and Sea Otter will grow and be sustained in the future.

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