The 2021 edition serves to attract those unable to attend the previous year as well as new interested brands.


In 2019, Sea Otter Europe managed to reach figures that helped to firmly establish the festival, but it still had to overcome certain difficulties in order to gain ground in Europe. And, for the forthcoming 2022 edition, it seems that the balance has shifted with international exhibitors set to surpass Spanish ones.

Sea Otter Europe has managed to establish itself by actively listening to the needs of exhibitors. The key to finding a balance, as offered by the Sea Otter Europe format, lies in understanding, through talking to brands about what they need in current circumstances, beyond just statistics.

Major cycling companies are no longer just looking for a space in which to present new products. Instead, they want a space in which to connect, generate new customers and consolidate their relationship with existing ones, with the aim of building their loyalty. Although this may sound very obvious, with the rise of digital consumption, this need has become even more important.

What they are looking for is a platform where, in addition to being able to present new products, customers can touch and test the product first hand and find out more about it by chatting directly to staff. All this in a comfortable, relaxed and happy cycling environment, as is the case of Sea Otter Europe.


Product testing is one of the most appealing factors and one of the areas the organisers have been committed to since the first edition

Demobike is one of the festival’s main activities and one of the pillars of Sea Otter Europe, along with its sports and activities programme. Since the first edition in 2017, a bike testing system has been in place, developed according to the new needs and interests of the sector.

What started with three MTB routes has evolved to the creation and design of tracks adapted to all levels, starting and finishing at the festival site itself, and now covering all types of cycling including e-bike, gravel, road, and since the last edition, an urban circuit.

What’s more, given the importance of being able to test out a product before buying it, testing is not only limited to bicycles, but an increasing number of accessories brands are signing up, such as those selling helmets, suspensions and maintenance products. A smart way to activate your brand and introduce the end customer to your product or service, which brands are fully aware of and keen not to miss out on,

As of 1 February 2022, registration for new brands for the September edition opens

As a reminder, brands that attended the previous edition have until January 11, 2022 to finalise their booking. All requests for changes to locations or the size of spaces will be dealt with from 11 January to 25 January.

Finally, for new brands, the date that they will need to mark in their calendar is 1 February 2022, from when the site map will be made public and will be freely available for booking in just a few clicks.

Also, for those interested, on the website you can find a form through which you can find out more about prices according to m2 and start preparing your budget.