The cycling festival will be the stomping ground of e-bikes from the very start to the very end and the Miranda e-XCO will be responsible for opening the sports section of the festival.

The Miranda E-bike XCO is the festival’s new e-XCO competition, here to give everyone who loves racing and cycling a great show and tons of fun.

E-bikes are normally used more for long mountain journeys, but what about bringing them to the world of XCO? That way we get a completely new challenge requiring a whole set of different skills. Knowing how to manage battery levels and give everything you’ve got so you can go as fast as possible at all times is what makes the Miranda e-XCO a fun and exciting event that will be competitive and close down to the very last breath.

What’s more, any fan of electric bikes who wants to be entertained and compete at every turn can take part in it, while soaking up the atmosphere of the international Sea Otter Europe festival.

Miranda, committed to innovation

Miranda is passionate about cycling and dedicated to making cyclists as comfortable as possible. Therefore, part of the company’s strategy is to be present wherever possible and to strengthen its reputation as a manufacturer of components for e-bikes. Hence its commitment to a new and different event such as the Miranda e-XCO.

At the same time, Miranda’s product range will be on display at Sea Otter Europe presented by Continental, including its cranks for all e-bikes manufactured with its patented technology, as well as the ChainFlow 3D chainring and the XMOD fully modular MTB crankset, the most flexible versions on the market today.

All you need to know about the event

The Miranda E-bike XCO will take place on Saturday 26 September, 2020, at 12 pm. The race will unfold on a 3.3 km XCO track and will last 40 minutes. The starting grid will be situated in zone D of the festival, where all the events related to mountain biking will begin and end.

Registration includes the right to participate, the race bib and an exclusive Sea Otter Europe t-shirt. Trophies will be given in both the men’s and women’s categories. All participants must use an electric bike and must be over 18 years old.

Registration now available at