A heartfelt thank you for the support we have received from: administrations, sponsors, exhibitors, participants and the Sea Otter Europe team

This year has been all about uncertainty. Every day was about overcoming such wavering days, struggling with daily changes and always wired to the news, to know what were the next steps to follow. Although the event had an excellent score following the security measures, the cancelation of the bike show -not the sports events- was the best idea to follow. This weekend we have celebrated the sports events, and it has been awesome!

It is all about grip

What we know for sure is the grip Sea Otter People has. Which in difficult times, where struggling is present in every single day, the grip, stamina and the hope to go forward has been present, almost touchable. We want to give a heartfelt thank you to the administrations, to host the event despite the delicate moment to organize an event that was all about gathering people. The measures to prevent Covid have been applied successfully. We want to thank sponsors and exhibitors to be present next to us until he very last minute. The struggling was shared and the support given was both ways, and that encouraged us going forward. Finally thank you for all participants that could rolled over the participation for the September edition. We all love cycling and organizing an event for you it was a great pleasure. We know that all measures were quite tiresome to follow, but we all did it great following them! Finally thank you Sea Otter team to make it happen.


We have an eye on 2021

Now, and still in the middle of the 2020 maelstrom, we already look forward to 2021 edition! Ready to organize the best bike show in Europe and share back all the hope and positiveness we have been piling up during the season. Cycling is a great sport, and a festival such as Sea Otter Europe is the best recognisement we can do.

We will be back, stronger than ever! The dates will be announced soon, and yes, we count on you!