Orbea, Megamo, Canyon and Intense also team up with Sea Otter Europe

2019 sees the third edition of the Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona Bike Show, which, in such a short period of time, has become a internationally-renowned festival that no brand wants to miss. The list of brands committed to Sea Otter Europe keeps on growing and all the major brand will be present. This year will also be the first edition for newcomers such as Orbea and Megamo.


For Igor Peña, head of events at Orbea, their commitment is clear, especially in terms of Demobike: ‘We always say that bicycles are not meant for parking but riding, and what better occasion than the European edition of the classic Sea Otter to present some of our products for test riding. Given the importance of road and mountain-bike ranges, we have decided that it’s up to users to choose. Cycling comes in many forms, which is why we will have bicycles for all tastes, both electric and road and mechanical mountain bikes.’


The brand will be bringing the most successful bicycles in their range: ‘For road bikes we will be focusing on the Orca (Aero and OMR) with the new SRAM red and force ranges. We will also have the carbon version of the Orbea Gain, our e-road bike. As for mountain bikes, users will find the Oiz in both its variants (XC and TR) and the Wild FS representing the electric range in both its versions (140 mm and 150 mm).’


Igor Peña is clear about the festival’s success: ‘Sea Otter Europe has managed to stay true to the essence of the original festival and to attract a large number of people. This, and its amazing location, make it a perfect place to try out all kinds of bicycles – both mountain bikes and road bikes – and to give users a sample of the products we offer. The competitions and tours are an added extra to encourage people to come along and enjoy the competition as well as that special atmosphere that only occurs when you bring the industry and users together.’


For Megamo, a brand undergoing international expansion, having an event of this size right on their doorstep is a unique opportunity. ‘Our experience with Demobike has always been very positive, especially in relation to e-bike models, as users can discover new sensations and see the bikes’ capabilities for themselves. It has brought us in touch with people who were not necessarily bicycle users but who enjoyed sports in general or simply the great outdoors’, said Oriol Gil.


In this regard, e-bikes will be the stars of the Megamo stand, but they won’t be alone: ‘We will have e-bikes – both e-MTB and e-Trekking/City bikes – as well as other disciplines. However, we will also have several dual-suspension carbon models for Cross-country competitions (Track) and for the road with flat mount discs (Pulse Elite or Raise)’, said Gil.


He also has no doubts about the reputation that Sea Otter Europe is creating for itself: ‘It is a great initiative that has evolved year upon year to become one of the leading bicycle events in the world’.

Canyon and Intense talk about the importance of the Sea Otter Europe’s Demobike event for online brands

Today, online sales have become another important distribution channel within the cycling world. In fact, the growing importance of online sales is an important factor behind the revolution occurring in the sector over recent years. The internet represents a new way to sell, a new way to promote your brand and, above all, a new way to reach consumers, which means that events such as Sea Otter Europe’s Demobike are key.


Canyon is, without doubt, a leading example for companies selling bicycles on the internet. In terms of size and experience, the German company is at the forefront of online bicycle sales. Juan Pablo Pozo, a member of Canyon’s marketing team, explains the importance of Demobike for the brand: ‘It must be remembered that our customers cannot see the bike in person. Therefore, these kind of events such as Demobike, where the customer can see the bikes and touch them, are very important.’ What’s more, with distribution models in which there is no face-to-face contact with customers, Demobike has another important function: ‘humanising’ an Internet-based company. ‘Thanks to the fact that members of the Canyon team will be in attendance, users can come along and ask us and our mechanics any kinds of questions, technical queries… Not only can they learn about our products, which they can see and touch, but they can get to know first hand all the services we provide. Incidentally, it often happens that many clients who we have dealt with online come to meet the person who attended to them in person’, said Pozo.


In light of this, Canyon is heading to Demobike fully stocked: ‘We’ll have it all. Last year we unveiled the Gravel Grail bike, which went really well, as did the mountain and road bikes we presented, which will return this year in addition to e-bikes, which will play a leading role’, said Pozo.


In regard to Sea Otter Europe itself, Pozo adds: ‘The event has a great reputation, as it brings together many important brands, the layout is excellent and it’s really well organised. The atmosphere is 100% cyclist-oriented, which doesn’t only include riders but families also. In terms of activities, it is very attractive not only for trying out bicycles but also for competing.


Pozo also points to an improvement that he believes will go down really well: ‘Expanding the bicycle test tracks is a really good idea, because it will prevent overcrowding and help to straighten things out. The organisers are really eager to improve and to receive feedback, which means that each year it goes that little bit further.’

Intense and the success of changing its sales model

While Canyon has been dedicated to Internet sales since it was founded, Intense has positioned itself as a pioneer in online sales, having had a long history of exclusive in-store sales. It is a special case due to its status as an iconic MTB brand with a reputation for high-quality, top-of-the-range products. The move to online sales has allowed them to forge a new path and reach customers they previously couldn’t due to the starting price of their bicycles. Now, thanks to its change in business model, Demobike takes on a whole new dimension.


‘Demobike is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the event; people no longer want to see bicycles in catalogues or exhibited on platforms, they want to try them out, check which size suits them best, test their components and performance… In our case, moreover, after offering European sales exclusively through our website, we must meet the continuous demands of customers: a calendar of events where they can see and try out the bikes in person before they decide’, said Vicent Perelló, sales manager for Europe, leaving no doubt about the importance of Sea Otter Europe’s Demobike for the brand.


Such importance is based on the fact that in Girona users will be able to see practically their whole range of bicycles: ‘The idea is to have a test fleet that spans virtually the whole catalogue. From the Enduro and Descenso models, which are a firm fixture in top world competitions, through to Trail and Cross Country models, and, of course, our recently launched e-Bike, the Tazer, which has been really well received among the specialised press’, said Perelló.


On a personal level, he has experienced the festival for himself and, as in most cases, he was completely won over: ‘I attended the two previous editions as a regular visitor and ever since I joined the Intense family last summer, it’s been clear to me that we should take part in the third edition as a brand. As far as visitors are concerned, it is the most interesting format for us. This blend of exhibiting products while allowing people to test them out, all outdoors, in addition to countless competitions, makes the Sea Otter Europe weekend a unique occasion for any cyclist to immerse themselves in a bona fide cycling environment.’


Canyon and Intense represent the new trend in bicycle sales and the huge importance that Demobike holds for brands selling their products online. Sea Otter is the only place to see and get a feel for these brands’ new products before you decide to buy.

Many of the brands that will be present at Sea Otter Europe’s Demobike can already be pre-booked at: https://seaottereurope.testpass.fr/