The Lubricants manufacturer has been attending the Sea Otter Europe since its first edition and has confirmed its attendance once again as Best Partner. Brad Walker, Worldwide Manager of ProGold granted us an interview to offer a different point of view from the festival.

Lets talk about the brand

  • What can you tell us about Progold and its positioning?

ProGold Lubricants work completely differently that all other lubricants.  All other lubricants use “solids” such as Teflon, wax, moly, etc.  ProGold Lubricants do not use any solids to lubricate.  It uses a patented technology that is known as Medal Friction Reducer technology (MFR).  MFR is mixed into a “carrier” and when the carrier evaporates the MFR technology has bonded with the metal.  MFR basically eliminates almost all friction between the chain, chainwheels, and cog set.  So the chain runs smoothly and easily.  And since MFR Technology works in all conditions – dry, wet, muddy, sandy – all condions, the rider does not need separate lubricants for different conditions.  Since nothing likes to stick to ProGolds Lubricants and grease with MFR Technology, your chain and drive train will last up to twice as long.  It is the wax, moly, Teflon, etc. of other lubricants that the gunk likes to stick to.  Not only does this reduce the lubricating, it is the gunk that wears out the chain and drive train.  ProGold has only two lubricants and they are exactly the same except Xtreme has more MFR Technology than ProLink so it will last longer under more extreme conditions.  Beyond ProGold’s two versions of the same lubricant, ProGold has developed a full line of Bike Care products including Bike Wash and Degreasers that are carbon friendly, EPX Grease with MFR Technology and other Bike Care products.

Let’s talk about the brand at the festival…

You are sponsor of Sea Otter Europe, as a best partner…

  • What made you decide to be part of Sea Otter Europe, and to opt for the sponsorship format?

ProGold Lubricants has exhibited at Sea Otter Classic outside of Monterey, California for many years.  We know the format and the success Sea Otter Classic has and with our Interntational Sales Agent located only 45 minutes away from the Sea Otter Europe site, we thought it would be a very good international festival to participate in.  When the opportunity to be the exclusive lubricant sponsor was made available to us, and the excellent location(s) we would have for exhibiting, washing and lubing attendees and racers bikes in a dedicated “Wash & Lube Station”, along with the other promotional activities granted to “sponsors”, we decided to commit to a long term sponsorship participation.

  • What are the benefits of having presence at the festival?

Working with our Spanish AND Portuguese distributors to reach existing and  new customers, both consumer and trade, meet existing and new Race Teams that we sponsor, and meet with the press.  It also provides a more relaxed environment to discuss the past year and future years plans and strategies with our International Agents.

  • What kind of activity will you be carrying out at the festival?

Washing and lubing as many bikes as we can and perform all the activities described above and whatever other activities such as press interviews offered by Sea Otter Europe Press Officials.

  • What audience profile are you looking for and what audience profile have you found?

We are looking for people, both consumer and trade, that want the very best lubricants, cleaners, grease and bike care products and will take the few moments it takes to learn why ProGold products are not like ANY OTHER products, that they work completely differently than any other lubricants, cleaners, grease, bike care products and that they work better than any other products.

  • What do you expect from the third edition?

More people attending.  More trade people attending and exhibiting.  More press.

You are veteran exhibitors at Sea Otter Classic…

  • How long have you been exhibiting at Sea Otter Classic?

We acquired ProGold 7 years ago and have exhibited at Sea Otter Classic since 2011.  We know that the previous owner exhibited there for some years but do not know how many.

  • What differentiates Sea Otter Europe from Sea Otter Classic? And in respect to other European events?

SOC is a larger festival located outside a major California city and is more spectator friendly for the races because it is at a race track.  I think SOE is doing great for only its second year, and being in the heart of Girona is doing the best it can.  Our expo area is great, but SOC just has more open space and the aisles of exhibitors flows better.


Similar to Roc d’Azur in France, SOE works as both a festival for enthusiasts and a “trade show” in that there are many top brands with top executives attending, exhibiting, and participating.  Roc d’Azur wraps up the cycling season for people from all over Europe as it takes place in October.  Sea Otter Europe launches the cycling season as it takes place at the end of May/beginning of June.  Both events offer excellent riding locations, both on and off road, well organized race events for many disciplines and age groups, top notch hotel and culinary locations, and beautiful trails, roads and weather for riding and just enjoying.


Roc d’Azur has been running since the mid-80’s.  2019 will only be Sea Otter Europe’s 3rd year but in it’s 2nd year already attracted almost the same number of visitors.  For many people from Northern Europe, Sea Otter Europe offers a great place to come to after a long, hard winter to launch their cycling season.  Also, it is not crammed into the autumn trade show season which prevents many trade visitors from attending.  And unlike the Bike Festival in Riva de Garda, Italy, which occurs over the May day holiday and is oriented mainly to Germans even though it is in Italy, the weather in the Girona area is normally perfect for riding and enjoying the pleasures of the Costa Brava region.  It is usually raining a lot in Riva de Garda, Italy at the beginning of May.


You attend a wide range of events…

  • How important is it for ProGold to attend bicycle festivals and bicycle sporting events?

Very important but only if they are well organized, take place in a time of year suited for an outdoor festival, and well attended, especially by international visitors, both consumer and trade.

  • What kind of return do you get by attending these events?

We were able to secure a distributor for Spain, work closely at the festival with our Portuguese distributor, and securing sponsoring of one of Europe’s top world champion racing team and in 2019 at least one other top European racing team that ProGold sponsors plans to attend.  ProGold is new to the Spanish market so we gave away thousands of samples.  We are confident that once these riders try our lubricants, they will only want the best – ProGold.