Sea Otter Europe offers the most comprehensive sporting programme in its history as part of this post-pandemic edition


The most extensive, varied and spectacular sporting programme in the history of Sea Otter Europe

The great European cycling festival Sea Otter Europe, based in Girona, is putting the finishing touches to what will be its fifth edition, and in this case, a post-pandemic festival.

The programme includes 12 races across practically all cycling disciplines, including road, mountain bike, gravel, enduro, ebikes and much more, for all categories, and amateurs as well as top professionals. More than 4,000 participants from all over Europe are expected in the various planned events.

The city itself, as well as the entire province of Girona and the Costa Brava, is an extraordinary place for practising all of the above types of cycling, a true paradise for cyclists.

Here is what to look out for in each event:


The WES, the UCI World E-Bike Series, the World Cup of electric bikes

This year, one of the main new features is the arrival of the UCI World ebike Series, or WES, one of the newest additions to the international competitive cycling scene, in line with the way the market has been revolutionised and boosted thanks to the emergence of electric bicycles in recent years. This is also reflected in the large number of electric bikes that will be available at Sea Otter Europe’s Demobike.

Girona will host this new type of competition twice: the first race will be held on Friday afternoon and the second one on Saturday afternoon. Seeing the best specialists in the world live will be quite the spectacle.


Canyon Pirinexus Challenge

A major challenge consisting of a circular route spanning 340 km and 3,000 metres of elevation gain through the Girona region, crossing the Pyrenees and entering the south of France. The adventure starts at sunrise and participants will be tasked with the challenge of completing the route in less than 20 hours before sunset. A challenge reserved only for the fittest and most specialised gravel aficionados.


Scott Marathon cup MBT by Continental, part of the UCI Marathon Series

On Saturday morning Girona also hosts one of the races of the prestigious bike marathon championship, the Scott Marathon MBT by Continental, and in this case as part of the Marathon UCI Series. Both the discipline’s finest professionals as well as amateurs who are loyal followers of the championship will come together in the largest race of the year to ride through Girona’s beautiful surroundings. As always there will be two options of 63 km and 44 km and both the Open and Pro modalities. Riders will enjoy dream routes through the Llémena Valley with fun trails and a course suitable for all mountain biking enthusiasts.


Copa Catalunya

This event is a unique opportunity for future cycling champions to enjoy a mountain bike experience in the heart of one of the most important cycling festivals on the continent.


MTB Classic Sea Otter Europe

One of the most popular races of the festival, this fun race is full of nostalgia, giving participants the chance to enjoy a ride on bikes made before the ‘90s, together with friends, over just a few kilometres. Participants bring their own fully-restored bikes, which they have cared for like gems, and even wear period attire: a real blast from the past of mountain biking! The event takes place on Saturday afternoon.

At the end of the race all participants are invited on a ride through the city centre with a stop at the new Eat Sleep Cycle restaurant for a snack.

In addition, participants have the option of leaving their classic bicycles, which they will use to compete with, in the classic bicycle museum for the weekend (inside Fontajau Pavilion).


Continental Super Cup Massi

The second highest point-scoring MTB championship in the world with the usual involvement of the best riders on the planet. Many of the Catalan Cup’s races are veritable World Cups due to the high calibre of participants. The race included in the Sea Otter Europe festival is C1 category, the highest after Hors Categorie. A true spectacle for mountain bike lovers. Saturday afternoon is the turn of the women and Sunday at noon that of the men.


Canyon E-MTB Experience

One of the biggest trends in the world of cycling over recent years is electric bikes. Many enthusiasts have made the switch to electric bikes or have taken up cycling thanks to an e-bike. This has also led to the emergence of various events where you can put yourself to the test, one of them being the Canyon E-MTB Experience. The cycle tour event boasts a 30-km route specially designed for e-bikes. What’s more, there will be premium refreshments at the Masía Can Toscà, located halfway along the route, with grilled meat as the main dish.


Enduro MTB La Selva

The enduro race returns to Sea Otter Europe, taking place in Riudarenes. One of the discipline’s classics, it boasts spectacular descents as part of a 30-km circuit designed to surprise participants. Enduro is one of the fastest-growing disciplines in the world of cycling and therefore naturally has great presence at the Sea Otter Europe festival, both as part of the Demobike programme, through the participating brands bringing their best models, as well as thanks to the Riudarenes event.

Sea Otter Europe’s road cycle tour: the Continental Ciclobrava Grand Fondo World Tour


One of the various road cycling events in Girona, the Ciclobrava runs along some of the most beautiful roads, villages and landscapes in the Girona region, including, of course, the Costa Brava. The Ciclobrava is also part of the international Gran Fondo World Tour circuit.

Participants can choose, according to their level of fitness and preferences, between three distances: 70, 100 and 140 km. Some of the emblematic places through which it runs include the Les Gavarres massif, the Costa Brava itself, the La Ganga mountain pass and the picturesque village of Monells. The event begins on Sunday morning.


Girona Gravel Ride

The other gravel event of the festival, this time with one route spanning 78 km and 770 metres of elevation gain, runs through some of the most beautiful areas in Girona, including the Les Gavarres massif, following the course of the Ter river and combining forest tracks in good condition with B-roads with little traffic. The Girona Gravel Ride is a perfect event for those starting out in gravel.

A broad and spectacular range of events across all disciplines and levels await us as part of the programme of Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava Girona by Continental on the weekend of 24 to 26 September, 2021.

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