sea_otter_bike_001-790pixTaymory is already distributing the jerseys and bike shorts, Enduro gear, vests, sweatshirts and hats, which will also be available for purchase in Girona from 2-4 June. 

The Catalan company Taymory has unveiled the designs for the official Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava-Girona Bike Show products, an exclusive line of clothing for cyclists, for both winter and summer. All fabrics were designed to lend athletes the utmost comfort and breathability. To fire the starting gun on the event’s official merchandising, Taymory presented two sets of jerseys and bike shorts suited to both hot and cold weather. The first jersey is ideal for riding any time from spring to autumn. It has a full front zipper and security pocket, as well as features that heighten the cyclist’s level of comfort and safety. The winter jersey, on the other hand, maintains the body’s temperature and has a slightly higher neck than normal to protect the rider from the cold.

As for the bike shorts, the company launched two models. A winter model, with technical characteristics that provide good protection from the cold and rain and combine two fabrics designed specifically for riding in extreme conditions. It has a slightly thicker fabric, which is both lightweight and waterproof.

And for good weather, Taymory has designed a revolutionary pair of cycling shorts called the Plutón, whose design and fabric set them apart. This article, pleasant to the touch, and which weighs 30% less than conventional fabrics, is destined to set trends. The brand also presented the official Sea Otter Europe sweatshirts for both men and women, featuring exclusive designs and a hood for a sporty, comfortable look. The official catalogue also includes Enduro gear, customised vests and festival hats.

The entire collection, which is now available at Taymory, may also be purchased all weekend long at the Sea Otter Europe Bike Show in Girona, from 2-4 June.