The Trailforks app gathers the world’s best trails

For the second time, Trailforks supports Sea Otter Europe presented by Continental as its mapping Best Partner. The global trail management system for outdoor enthusiasts, aims to provide the best tools to inventory, maintain, promote and showcase trail networks.

Its statistics allows to show local city councils, governments, tourism boards and natural parks, the popularity and economic impact of its trail network. “Trailforks collaborates with associations and people to ensure the most accurate, updated and legal trail database”, Trailforks explains.

By partnering with Sea Otter Europe presented by Continental, Trailforks is able to offer its services to not only the rides and routes occurring at the event (all its GPS tracks will be available on this platform), also showcase the app to the entire Europe, thanks to its great impact this festival has all across the continent. “It’s no secret that Trailforks is expanding to accommodate a wide range of trail activities outside our primary mountain bike focus. This has long been requested by users and associations that manage trails for multiple purposes, and we want to share this new development within Europe”, is stated by Trailforks.

Trailforks passed one and a half million downloads in September!! Over 200.000 trails mapped, with 60.000 added only in 2019. Currently there are over 224.000 trails to explore, 9.000 trail networks in 95 countries, and more than 500.000 photos/videos available. “We have decided to use a single app for all trails, rather than creating separate apps for each activity. Many users switch often between activities and there’s value in seeing other activities’ trails”, Trailforks outlines.

Benefits of using Trailforks

One of Trailforks’s best features is the possibility of using it any where without the need of mobile phone roaming, allowing to be used worldwide! Trails and routes can be added by uploading a GPS file via app or onto the Trailforks website. “Trail reporting is one of its core and useful features.

Safety is also a priority for Trailforks. The app has an emergency page that displays a user’s current location and the nearest trail, a very valuable information for an emergency rescue”, concludes Trailforks.